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Hi, I'm Bob Dey. The Bob Dey Property Report is an Internet publication which I produce through my private company, Bob Dey Publishing Ltd.

I'm 53 and have been based in Auckland for 20 years, most recently as property editor of the New Zealand Herald.

I've worked on numerous New Zealand newspapers since 1965 -- the Otago Daily Times, Evening Star, Evening Post, Dominion, Hawke's Bay Herald-Tribune, NZ Truth, Auckland Star, NZ Herald, National Business Review, Sunday Star, Sunday Times and their merged entity, the Sunday Star-Times, and edited Auckland Business and Building News magazines. My writing also appeared for a time in the Southland Times, Christchurch Press and the Australian.

In Australia, I worked in radio and television for the ABC and in London I had a brief role as chief reporter of the Harrow Observer.

Back in New Zealand since the end of 1979, I have steadily built up knowledge of the property sector in Auckland, but have also written about many other aspects of business.

I began concentrating on property issues after being appointed the Auckland Star's housing and energy reporter at the end of 1983.

That led to coverage of Auckland's property boom in the 1980s and the subsequent property and sharemarket collapse, and to coverage of a more rational rise in activity in the 90s which has recently veered toward excess.

My coverage of business includes its downside, the bad days after October 1987 and the mauling the business sector took in the courts.

I believe that background and experience will enable you to see a wide representation of New Zealand life through these pages.

You will learn about litigation that is normally bypassed by all media, resource management issues will be followed, and you will see the views of everyday people about their suburbs, their shops, the main streets, back streets, refurbishments and new subdivisions.

None of that journalistic history necessarily makes a person any good at his job. Plenty of those publications mentioned above are defunct and plenty have or had staff who should not have been there, could have performed better -- whatever, their administration frequently meant you have not been able to read the information it made sense to make available to you.

This publication is custom-made, and you will prove that by e-mailing your wants and dislikes, discussing preferences and seeing changes to meet changing requirements.

As for the "us" part of this page's title, that'll happen.

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