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Warehouse target: 1ft of shopping space for every New Zealander within 2 years

14 May 2001

The Warehouse wants to provide one square foot of retail space for every person in the country within two years -- and will, at its current rate of expansion.

In other items in The Bob Dey Property Report this week, a Ponsonby corner is about to be modernised, councillors accept the difficulty a new Westhaven building's owners have had in finding marine-related tenants and the principle of delaying and bonding a resource consent financial contribution is also accepted.

At Auckland University, plans are prepared for a 5251m extension to the physics building on the Princes/Wellesley Sts corner.

A new study is proposed to sort out what transport should be used in the eastern corridor, and at the Regional Growth Forum the draft sector agreements for the north and west should be in place in July.

In Japan, New York equity fund Ripplewood gets its hands on the hugely lossmaking Seagaia resort. And in Sydney, the MTM Entertainment Trust looks set to be taken over. No mention of the Force Entertainment Centre being part of the package.

The Bob Dey Property Report is updated frequently, but there'll be a gap for a few days this week while I'm out of town.

That means I won't be at the meeting on Tuesday to choose a liquidator of the Hartner group in place of the official assignee, will miss several councils' property-related committee meetings, the Enterprise Manukau/Property Council seminar on Thursday and Richina Pacific's annual meeting on Wednesday, the last for Sir Allan Wright as chairman of a group which is still going mostly nowhere.

You can expect a fair lineup of items to roll on to the website next weekend, and I will be on deck for Trans Tasman Properties' series of meetings next Monday. In the meantime, there's a fair spread of news to look through.

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