US debt races to new heights

The US national debt whizzed through the $US22 trillion mark this week. It takes about 30 seconds to add another $US1 million to the total.

The US Treasury’s count is running about $US3 billion ahead of the US Debt Clock website’s, reaching $US22.01 trillion on Monday. The Debt Clock made the record $US22 trillion mark overnight and was up another $US9.8 billion this morning.

Treasury records show the national debt was $US19.95 trillion when Donald Trump became president on 20 January 2017.

The US Debt Clock website shows the US federal budget deficit is approaching $US870 billion.

The country’s gross domestic product is approaching $US20.9 trillion and its gross debt:gdp ratio is at 105.35%.

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US Debt Clock

Attribution: US Treasury, Debt Clock.

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