U: The names behind the action, week to 23 September 2001

Your new Bob Dey Property Report column

This new page on The Bob Dey Property Report is called simply U.

It contains a mixture of property and other information, company formation, the down side of business, market bits & pieces, probably fairly cryptic and rushed.

The weekly Snapshots tend to contain formal information, while other stories on the website are generally structured. U will contain snippets, less often from formal sources, maybe unstructured and incomplete.

23 September 2001

Law firm Phillips Fox took Harts Accounting Group Ltd (Steven Hart), an Auckland branch of expansionist Brisbane accountancy firm Harts, to bankruptcy court this week but settled without a costs order. The application to wind up Harts was filed on 30 July but wasn’t advertised. Harts took over the Reeves Moses mortgage and advisory business.

Markbridge Ltd (developers Mark Cooper & David Bridgman) has been placed in liquidation.

Pro Circuit Ltd (formerly Xtreme Builders Ltd, Roger Zurcher) was placed in the hands of liquidator Robert Laurie Merlo on 10 September.

Agio Trustees Co Ltd (Stuart Douglas Robertson) faces liquidation on the application of Babcock NZ Ltd, to be heard in the Auckland High Court on Thursday 25 October at 10am.

MG Contractors Ltd (Milan Laus & Gavin O’Hara) faces liquidation on the application of Acrow Ltd, to be heard in the Auckland High Court on Thursday 1 November at 10am.

20 September 2001

IBC International Ltd (Eric Jaffe, 80, jailed in May for fraud) was wound up by Master Gambrill in the Auckland High Court today on the application of Colin McCloy, liquidator of the New Zealand assets of Industrial Banking Corporation Ltd, the company at the heart of Mr Jaffe’s defrauding of elderly investors. A personal cheque for a slightly larger sum than the $1010 debt was offered yesterday by Mr Jaffe’s wife, Fay, but wasn’t accepted in full settlement because the liquidator also wanted costs paid.

Savoy Homes International Marketing Ltd (Lindsay Ellery & Alan Ferens) was wound up in the Auckland High Court today on the application of BMW Financial Services NZ Ltd. Two of Mr Ellery’s other property companies, Westbrook Heights Ltd and Westbrook Development Ltd, have also been wound up.

Former MP, local & regional politician, businessman, radio talkback host and now Auckland mayoral candidate John Banks has been pounding the streets, knows exactly how many houses he’s visited, reckons he’s talked to more than 10,000 Aucklanders about his campaign. Mr Banks notes there are 19 councillors and 18 committees, would like to see the numbers cut to nine councillors and three committees, and meetings lasting no more than one hour. He’s committed to finishing the arterial road system, derides the rail proposal for the region and mocks incumbent Christine Fletcher for fighting the previous Britomart scheme then voting in a more expensive but smaller replacement. Mr Banks skirted a question this morning on whether he’d try to cancel this replacement Britomart scheme.

On a lighter note, Mr Banks does know about Britomart and what you can use it for: hanging election banners. He called Barfoot & Thompson Commercial’s David Staines after seeing a leasing sign on the old Wharf police station. Could Mr Staines ask the owner if he could put an election sign on the building? Ask her yourself, Mr Staines cheerfully replied, “It’s Christine’s building.”

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