U: The names behind the action, week to 23 December 2001

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This page contains a mixture of property and other information, company formation, the down side of business, market bits & pieces, probably fairly cryptic and rushed.

The weekly Snapshots tend to contain formal information, while other stories on the website are generally structured. U will contain snippets, less often from formal sources, maybe unstructured and incomplete.

20 December 2001

High Court liquidation list, Thursday 20 December 2001

In the wash-up liquidation court of the year in the Auckland High Court, Mainsflow Properties Ltd (Mark Wall) was wound up on the application of Phil Waterhouse Ltd (Carol Waterhouse). Gerry Rea & J Leonard (Gerry Rea & Associates) were appointed liquidators.

Ranui Station Developments Ltd (John Cave & Wallace Bayne) was wound up on the application of United Networks Ltd. Bernie Montgomerie & Steve Graham (Bernie Montgomerie & Associates) were appointed liquidators.

The application of Centra Forklifts Ltd to wind up Karaka Cable & Drainage Ltd (Ian & Christine Phillips) was discontinued & struck out.

The Inland Revenue application to wind up Bella Design (International) Ltd (Neil Whitehouse) was withdrawn after settlement and the Inland Revenue application to wind up Arcet Holdings Ltd (André Jorna) was withdrawn after most of the debt was paid & arrangement was reached to complete payment.

Three other Inland Revenue applications were adjourned — Resplendent Services No 124 Ltd (Rex Terral) and Central Trading Services Ltd (Alfonso Liguori) to 10.45am on Thursday 14 March, Roi’s Floorsanding Services Ltd (Teaukura Roi, Te Atatu North) to 10.45am on Monday 21 January. Mr Liguori’s other companies include Onyx Construction Ltd, Mega-Store Holdings Ltd, George Court & Sons Ltd & Elmo Holdings Ltd (placed in receivership at the end of September).

The application of Francis Huysdens & others to wind up Lincoln Aluminium Ltd (Mr Huysdens & Peter Lambert) was adjourned to 10am on Monday 21 January 2002.

18 December 2001

Creditors of New Lynn Ltd (Symon Peters) have been given until Thursday 28 February to file proofs of debts with the liquidators, Judith Fatupaito & Richard Agnew (PricewaterhouseCoopers). New Lynn Ltd was wound up in the Auckland High Court last Thursday.

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