Minister says Crown property focus saves $57 million in year

State Services Minister Paula Bennett quoted an unpublished report yesterday to say more efficient use of office space and the sharing of facilities by government agencies had saved taxpayers $57 million in the last financial year.

Mrs Bennett was citing the fifth Crown office estate report by the Government’s Property Management Centre of Expertise, which she said showed the Government was continuing to reduce its property footprint while ensuring its employees were in modern, safe & healthy work environments.

“In the year to 30 June 2015, the Crown estate footprint was reduced by 30,997m². This takes the total reduction to 152,293m² since 2011, a saving of $132 million to taxpayers.

“The Christchurch integrated government property programme also delivered its first building. This is not only supporting the revitalisation of Christchurch’s business centre but is also creating a more collaborative relationship between government agencies.”

Mrs Bennett said the centre of expertise’s focus on helping agencies work together more closely was an important part of delivering better public services: “This collaboration & the modernisation of workplaces also supports greater productivity, resulting in better services for the public. By reducing the office space the Crown uses and using the spaces it has more efficiently, our government is on track to save about $110 million annually by 2023.”

The link below takes you to the centre of expertise’s section of the Ministry of Social Development website, where I’m sure the latest report will appear in due course.

Property Management Centre of Expertise

Attribution: Ministerial release.

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