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Massey develops CDs to teach valuation

Formula expanded on success of residential walk-through

A group of Massey University property lecturers is developing a series of CDs to help walk students through the property valuation process.

The university says in the latest edition of Massey News the CDs will teach students about aspects of commercial, industrial & rural property valuation that are more easily conveyed on a computer screen than by reading textbooks or sitting in class.

The project follows the success of a residential valuation CD produced by the same property group last year. The new CD series is being prepared for use at the start of next year.

The residential CD follows a registered valuer through a house, with video clips of areas of importance, so students can see how each section of the house was inspected & valued. The CD is accompanied by notes and allows the students to practise a virtual house inspection.

Rural valuation lecturer Iona McCarthy said in Massey News the concept had been received with interest by a number of overseas universities & by other disciplines at Massey. The NZ Property Institute might also look at using the CDs for its professional development programme.

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