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First new-generation Foodstuffs store wins design awards

Published 4 July 2006

New World Te Rapa, the first of Foodstuffs (Auckland) Ltd’s new generation stores, has won 2 NZ Retail Interior Association design awards.

The judges said that where most supermarkets are “white, sterile, unfriendly places” focused on the shopping chore with little comfort, “New World Te Rapa seems to have broken this paradigm. The resulting exterior & interior treatment leads the category, creating a warm inviting 100% food-focused environment.”New World Te Rapa won the overall nourishment group category and also came top of the grocery & convenience stores group within the same category.Foodstuffs (Auckland) design manager Rob Guild said: “We wanted to design a building that customers didn’t feel claustrophobic in, something that links them with the outside world. The individualised design is also about differentiating ourselves from our competitors – getting away from the ‘big box’ type supermarket.”The 4000m² store was a joint venture between JCY Architects Ltd & Foodstuffs (Auckland)’s store development division. It opened in October 2005.

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Attribution: Foodstuffs release, story written by Bob Dey for this website.

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Fitout specialists Retter & Turpin join forces at Retail Dimension

Published 11 May 2006

Retail fitout specialists Gil Retter of Wellington & Nick Turpin of Auckland have joined forces to create a new company, Retail Dimension Ltd.

“The line between display & merchandising & shopfitting has blurred over the years, to such an extent that combining operations became an obvious move with considerable benefits to the customer,” said Mr Retter. “Our clients are busy so the single point of contact will save time and will streamline their process, regardless of the size of the job.”

Mr Retter’s company, Display Point Ltd, was rebranded in March as Dimension Display Ltd. Mr Turpin’s side of the business is Dimension Shopfitters (2004) Ltd.

They’ve brought in Brett McMurtrie, former sales & marketing manager for Eagle Wire Products Ltd, as general manager of Retail Dimension and the primary point of contact for clients.

Mr McMurtrie said a key benefit to clients of the new streamlined operation was the ease of doing business: “Essentially we aim to take our client’s challenges and turn them into solutions with the minimum of hassle. A cornerstone of streamlining any service is keeping key technologies in-house. This gives us more control, which translates into a more reliable & economical service for our clients.”

Mr Turpin said their combined expertise as Retail Dimension included complete shop fitouts, with project management where required, an emphasis on high-quality shop joinery, cabinetry & specialist fittings plus a full capability in display, point-of-sale & merchandising systems, with CAD-based creative design and the full range of key display technologies.

Retail Dimension has factories in Auckland, Wellington & Palmerston North.

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Attribution: Company release, story written by Bob Dey for this website.

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