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Off-Queen St parking passed in

Published 7 June 2012

6 freehold parking spaces in the building at 155 Queen St, on the corner of Wyndham St in the cbd, were passed in at a Barfoot & Thompson auction yesterday.


Queen St valley


155 Queen St, 6 parking spaces on carpark levels 2 & 4:

Features: offered as one lot of 6 or in 2 parcels of 3, 

Outgoings: body corp levy $4989/year plus gst for all 6

Outcome: The parcel of 6 spaces was passed in, then passed in again when split in 2

Agents: Bill Carlson & Chloe Boerema.

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Attribution: Auction, story written by Bob Dey for the Bob Dey Property Report.

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One parking space sold, another passed in

Published 30 June 2011

One Farmers carpark space was sold and another passed in auction at Ray White City Apartments today. The prices were similar, taking into account the different gst treatment for each.

The covered spaces up for sale were units 3BR & 20, each with rates & body corporate levy totalling $1162/year. Unit 20 was sold for $29,000 (gst inclusive) and unit 3BR was passed in at $26,000 + gst (which adds $3900).

2 other spaces in the Farmers parking building were sold for $29,000 on 2 June at Ray White City Apartments’ auction.

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Attribution: Company release, story written by Bob Dey for the Bob Dey Property Report.

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Pay-parking extension is vote to push cbd-dwellers’ cars off streets

Published 3 September 2009

Auckland City Council’s transport committee voted today to push inner-city dwellers’ cars off the streets at night, in favour of short-term visitor parking.


That’s not how the committee chairman put the issue in a post-meeting release, but that’s the effect of it – pending feedback.


The council release was headed, Proposed longer hours for pay-&-display would benefit parkers & cbd businesses.


The release said the committee “has endorsed for community consultation a plan to give a helping hand to the cbd’s retail, hospitality & entertainment businesses by improving access to on-street parking”.


The committee endorsed the proposal to extend on-street pay-&-display operating hours from 6pm until 10pm, pending a review of consultation feedback.


Committee chairman Ken Baguley said the extension was designed to help evening visitors to the cbd to find an available on-street park, while also supporting local businesses: “The proposal meets calls from local businesses for improved access to on-street parking, and follows a trend in other Australasian cities to extend pay-&-display hours of operation into the late evening.


“With pay-&-display hours currently ending at 6pm, inner-city residents are parking in most of the on-street spaces, which negatively affects cbd businesses and people seeking parking to visit them.


“Inner-city residents can access long-term leases in parking buildings for less than $100/month and this is the appropriate parking solution for them if they don’t have their own parking.


“Over the years, entertainment areas have expanded and high-density apartment-style living has increased. Residential population of the cbd has increased from less than 2000 in 1991 to close to 18,000 in 2006, with a matching increase in demand for parking.”


The council will consult the CBD Board & wider community this month, with results to be reported back to the transport committee.


Acting parking operations group manager Rick Bidgood said if the proposal was approved, the new pay-&-display hours of 8am-10pm would be introduced in stages.


Forum thread: Pay parking extension displays abject failure to meet city dwellers needs


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Attribution: Council committee agenda & release (I wasn’t at the meeting), story written by Bob Dey for the Bob Dey Property Report.

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Council tests text parking payments on Princes St

Published: 7 March 2005

Auckland City Council has begun a 6-month trial allowing people parking on Princes St to pay for parking by text message & credit card.

The 12 new pay-&-display machines on Princes St will accept TXT-a-Park payment through the Vodafone network, Visa & Mastercard as well as traditional coins.

Parking services manager Chris Geerlings said if customers like & use the new payment options, and both the software & hardware perform well, the council will go to tender to replace its pay-&-display machines as they come up for renewal over the next 3 years.

Both new options, through Cash Handling Systems Ltd, will incur a 50c transaction fee.

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