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FindSpace launches Tickle Me for “offmarket” listings

Published 29 September 2009

Commercial property website FindSpace has launched an online initiative called Tickle Me, which lists properties not for sale.


FindSpace director Justin Ryan said: “It allows property investors & real estate firms to unofficially list a property that is not actually on the market – but if a good offer was made it could.


“We were approached by a number of property investors & real estate firms to see if there was a way to list a property ‘unofficially’ that was not on the market, yet if someone put forward a good offer it could be. There was no way of looking at a property’s potential to gauge interest but hiding the fact that it might be for sale. The idea encapsulates the idea that ‘everything is for sale, at the right price’ which is never more true than with commercial property.”


On Tickle Me, the user can load all the details about their property – its address, size & location – but the website hides its street address & contact details of the owner. There are no photos allowed & no Google Map options.


“This way, the property is on the market and, if there’s interest, an email can be sent to the owner and the process moves from there. Property investors are always open to offers, and many real estate firms hold ‘off the books’ listings on behalf of clients. This new option should allow a useful avenue for both to market their properties.”


Websites: FindSpace

Tickle Me


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Attribution: Company release, story written by Bob Dey for the Bob Dey Property Report.

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