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Report on state of Auckland’s environment out in August

Published 16 July 2006

Auckland City Council will launch its latest Our changing environment 2004-05 report in August – the council’s fourth comprehensive assessment of the city’s environmental state.

Environment, heritage & urban form committee chairman Christine Caughey said the report would provide Auckland with factual, timely & accessible information about the condition of & prospects for aspects of the environment.

“The Our changing environment report is a key document in the delivery of strong environmental policy and acknowledges the important steps that the council, industry & residents have taken during the past 3 years to address the environmental pressures which the 2002 report identified. It also identifies the major challenges that lie ahead for Auckland City.”

These included global warming, air quality, energy efficiency, climate change, hazardous substances, contaminated land, noise, urban growth and waste. Cllr Caughey said that with this information the council could acknowledge areas of concern and identify where targets must be set for future work.

The report confirms that the council has been most effective in tackling environmental problems particularly in heritage protection and implementation of energy-efficient initiatives.

But the volumes of waste being sent to landfill continued to increase and, despite a growing use of public transport, health-based guideline levels of nitrogen dioxide were exceeded 26 times in 2005, up from 9 times in 2003.

The environment report will be forwarded to the mayoral task force on sustainability for assessment and further identification of key areas of focus for council policy & action.

The council is legally required to provide information about the city’s environmental status every 5 years and publishes summary updates to track progress in the interim years. The report covers:

the key pressures on environmental quality
the city’s current environmental state & trends, and
what the council is doing to manage these pressures.

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Attribution: Council release, story written by Bob Dey for this website.

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