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Consultation paper out on civil court & tribunal fees

Published 26 September 2012

Courts Minister Chester Borrows released a consultation document yesterday on changes to civil fees in courts & tribunals administered by the Ministry of Justice. Submissions close on Friday 2 November.

Mr Borrows said the proposals were aimed at delivering “a principled, consistent & fair approach to civil court fees”. The proposed changes would increase overall cost recovery from 15% to 20%, compared to more than 30% in New South Wales and closer to 80% in England & Wales.

“The last significant review was completed in 2003, and as a result fees across civil jurisdictions have become inconsistent. We are striving for a fee structure that is easy to understand, ensures those who benefit from the courts contribute to their costs and protects access to justice. For those people who can’t afford to pay, there is a robust fee waiver system to safeguard access to justice.”

Link: Court fees papers

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Attribution: Ministerial release, story written by Bob Dey for the Bob Dey Property Report.

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