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Rodney council rejects big-box retail for Snells Beach seaside village zone

Published 16 September 2006

Jurisdiction: Rodney District

Neighbourhood: Mahurangi East (Snells Beach)

Decision: The council has given notice of its decision made on submissions to proposed variation 48 to the proposed Rodney district plan 2000 & proposed plan change 99 to the operative district plan 1993 – Mahurangi East seaside village zone

Notification date: 12 September

Decision reinforces Warkworth as dominant centre

Rodney District Council has reinforced Warkworth as the dominant commercial centre in the north-east of the district, with the Mahurangi East centre having a local focus, in a decision on submissions to the proposed seaside village zone around Snells Beach.

The council made decisions on 31 August on submissions & further submissions relating to changes to zoning of land in the Mahurangi East commercial & industrial centre at Snells Beach and the creation of a special zone for the area. It’s served a copy of the decision report on all submitters & further submitters.

In the 2000 proposed plan, the land generally fronting Mahurangi East Rd is zoned retail service and covers 4.8ha. Land generally fronting Hamatana Rd is in the mixed business zone, covering 2.5ha.

The report says: “The proposed zone is intended to introduce planning standards which are felt to more appropriately reflect the location & nature of this centre as a coastal suburban commercial centre with a tourist influence. In doing this, the amount of commercial land area is unchanged from that currently zoned in the proposed district plan, but there is some adjustment in the location of where retailing & light industrial activities are permitted within the overall commercial area.

“The proposed zone is intended to confirm the size of the retail & commercial & light industrial areas likely to be required to meet the foreseeable needs of the community, up to a capacity population base of around 10,000 people in the local Snells Beach/Algies Bay/Mahurangi Peninsula area.

“Included in the proposed zone is provision for a retail goods & commercial services in a commercial policy area, and light industrial service activities in a light industrial policy area. The proposed zone also introduces a range of development controls & performance standards intended to respect the function & scale of business activities expected in the area, and also intended to enhance the local seaside village character, design & amenity achieved from new development & redevelopment.

“The proposed zone identifies the centre‘s role as predominantly a local suburban centre for a small coastal settlement serving local residents & an existing tourist visitor base. Large-format retailing attracting customers from outside the local catchment is seen to be better located elsewhere, such as in Warkworth. Effectively the proposed zone reinforces Warkworth as the dominant commercial centre in the north-east of Rodney District, with the Mahurangi East centre having a local focus.”

The council said it wasn’t appropriate to expand the land area covered by the proposed zone and there was no commercial need to do so: “The land most practically available for expansion is zoned future urban, and at this time the exact form of development that may be most appropriate in meeting future growth demands has not been decided.

“Further, there are wider issues of infrastructure & environmental sensitivity which have yet to be resolved with the Auckland Regional Council.”

The district council accepted that a key intention behind the proposed change was to enable the progressive development of a more compact commercial centre “that is pedestrian friendly and has better potential integration with the existing commercial centre and also the community facilities located directly across Hamatana Rd (community centre, library, childcare, bowling club, sports reserve, police station, tennis club & large sports grounds).”

Website: Council decision notice


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Attribution: Council notice, story written by Bob Dey for this website.

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Manning sells Whisper Cove project to Sydney-based Hodgkinson

Published 13 September 2006

Property developer Tim Manning has sold the assets of his Whisper Cove project company, Kawau Holdings Ltd, to Sydney-based Lance Hodgkinson.

Mr Manning began development of the $215 million Whisper Cove project at Snells Beach after quitting Auckland residential developments amid difficulties over leaky buildings. He closed down his Taradale Developments business and set up the Norwich group of property companies.

Kawau Holdings & 7 other Manning-related companies were placed in voluntary liquidation on 4 September.

Mr Hodgkinson is one of 2 partners who put together the 300-unit Chevron development on a long-vacant St Kilda Rd site in Melbourne. He recently completed a 7-storey 31-strata office & retail building in the Bondi Junction commercial precinct in Sydney, redeveloped the Australia Post site in Darlinghurst and has done numerous boutique developments in East Sydney. His Australian company, Bluestone Property Services, a niche real estate investment banker, was involved in the initial financing of the Whisper Cove development.

Mr Manning bought the beachfront site at Snells Beach 5 years ago to develop a prestige beachfront residential enclave. After failing to get consent for 270 units on the 16.3ha Arabella Lane site, he got consent in 2004 for an amended scheme for 160 luxury homes.

Mr Hodgkinson, originally from Canterbury, said he first saw the site 3 years ago, before consent was granted, and had followed progress with considerable interest: “Now is the right time to get more involved and help achieve the outstanding potential Whisper Cove has to become one of the most desirable beachside retreats north of Auckland.”

Earthworks have been completed and most of stage 1 has been presold. Kalmar Projects Ltd (Gysbert Denee & Peter Kay) has started building the first homes. The designs by Swan Railley offer a mix of styles, from villas to apartments, all with a sea view.

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Attribution: Company statement, story written by Bob Dey for this website.

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Retail box proposed for Snells Beach

Published 17 July 2006

Jurisdiction: Rodney District


Neighbourhood: Snells Beach


Applicant: Dawson Dare Ltd (Raymond Dare, Snells Beach; & Craig Dawson, Warkworth)


Application detail: 44 Hamatana Rd, build a retail box with 1700m² gross floor area that includes an additional 300m² basement; the actual use of the retail space hasn’t been identified


Submissions closing date: Friday 11 August


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Attribution: Public notice, story written by Bob Dey for this website.

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Manning’s Snells Beach proposal ahead of its time

Commissioners concerned infrastructure not in place for 270-unit development

Rodney District & Auckland Regional Council commissioners declined the application by Kawau Holdings Ltd (Tim Manning) for an integrated 270-unit residential development on Arabella Lane, at the northern end of Snells Beach, covering 16.32ha.

The proposal went to a joint hearing of and was declined largely because it was ahead of its time. The decision read strongly of the regional council’s strong stand against development before all management plans are in place.

The decision also gave the regional growth strategy a prescriptive role in determining where & when development should occur, although some councils—notably Auckland City – have come back recently to say projected population figures are guidelines, not what will necessarily happen.

The proposal included 657 parking spaces, a café, mixed-use activities including small-scale retail, a gym, offices, a grey-water treatment plant, 2 swimming pools, revegetation & wetland , stream & dune restoration.

The application was heard on 5 & 8 December and the decision made on 16 December.

The commissioners said, in summary, the development was contrary to the existing character of the area. “The proposal introduces residential development at a relatively large scale to the Snells Beach area at a density that is higher than the conventional medium & high-density residential densities anticipated by the council’s district plans.

“It is considered that a development of the scale & intensity as contemplated by the proposal will adversely affect the existing character of the area.”

In the absence of an advanced draft or final version of a catchment management plan, the proposal was inconsistent with the integrated stormwater management for the catchment and with the proposed air, land & water regional plan.

The commissioners said the Auckland regional growth strategy anticipated the parts of the site zoned future urban would be developed about 2020, when all the essential infrastructure was in place.

“The 220 units proposed in the application will result in the growth strategy expected increase being largely taken up by this application, leaving very little to be absorbed by the balance of future urban (zoned land) planned in the immediate area. This compromises the intent of the strategy to control growth in the Auckland region.”

The commissioners said Kawau Holdings’ proposals for future urban land had densities “far in excess of those anticipated in the district plans. The areas of high density do not comply with the requirements for easy walking access to public transport routes & ‘significant community focal points,’ especially the main shopping centre.”

They added: “No infrastructure necessary for the development of this property is currently in place. The wider roading issues have not yet been addressed. These include alternative access on & off the peninsula and congestion at the Hill St (Warkworth) intersection.

“The stormwater catchment management plan is still only in draft form, the sewage plant has no capacity, nor connections for the proposed increase in population, and the potable water supply has little spare capacity under the existing permit.”

The commissioners said applications of this nature had to be assessed against tools such as the structure & catchment management plans, and that granting applications in the absence of final management tools “can deny the community an effective say on the long-term management of a catchment, and makes effective assessment of the effects of the activity difficult.”

Kawau Holdings director Mr Manning has previously been involved in medium-density development at Albany, Mt Albert and in the Sacramento development at Botany Downs through his Taradale Property Group. Most of the companies in that group have now been liquidated.

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