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Shore council buys Paremoremo farm for reserve

$3.1 million buy part of the green corridors policy

North Shore City Council has bought the Lamb family’s 40ha Paremoremo coastline farm for $3.1 million and will turn it into a park.

Community services & parks committee chairman Margaret Miles said the family had resource consent to divide the farm at the end of Sanders Rd into 12 lots but had sold it to the council on 2 conditions, that it be vested as parkland and named after George Sanders, the descendant who bought the property in 1931 & died in 1963.

The property stretches around the coast with a long frontage to the Upper Waitemata Harbour across the water from the Whenuapai airbase.

Cllr Miles said the council had bought the property to provide coastal open space in the city’s fast-growing north-west. The North Shore Council has an annual budget to acquire property for green spaces. Its most publicised recent acquisition (not yet completed) is of land behind the Long Bay regional reserve.

“This property has significant recreational potential with access for watersports & superb harbour views during the day, and city lights at night. By buying this now, we’re ensuring public access to a substantial part of this area of coastline

“It also fits in with our city blueprint & strategic plan to provide ‘green corridors’ in our city, covering those places most highly valued by our residents, like the coast & estuary areas,” Cllr Miles said.

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