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Dominion Rd argument raises the question: What are we trying to solve?

How do we get around Auckland? Badly.

How should we get around Auckland? The first answer is: Well. And the argument over how to get between the airport & downtown Auckland is a fine example of how not to achieve that.

Below, Infrastructure NZ chief executive Stephen Selwood sets out his view of how to set the course for a decision:

Stephen Selwood.

Lingering debate over the form of rapid transit to Auckland Airport reveals a lack of clarity about the role for light & heavy rail, and this issue must be resolved when the business case is released.

The public is understandably confused about the purpose of the Dominion Rd light rail project & its role within the wider transport system. They are also confused about the potential for heavy rail connections to & from the airport.

This is a symptom of a wider strategic issue around how heavy rail is to support the future growth & development of Auckland, given the significant investment in the central rail link currently underway.

Under standard practice, we would normally first ask what issue we’re trying to address – congestion, urban regeneration or access to the airport? – and then we would decide what investments are required.

With the decision to proceed with light rail effectively made before a business case has been developed, best practice has been diluted, but not the need to be clear about what we’re trying to achieve.

Is Dominion Rd light rail designed to reduce congestion, support urban development or provide a rapid transit link to the airport? Is it all 3 or something different?

If the purpose is to improve access to the airport, then the business case should demonstrate that light rail better serves this objective than alternatives, including heavy rail.

If the purpose of the project is to reduce congestion, then business case analysis must demonstrate improved travel times for general traffic commensurate with the investment being made by road users.

Alternatively, if the purpose of Dominion Rd light rail is to unlock & enable urban development, then the business case must present a co-ordinated land use plan indicating the residential & commercial property opportunity linked to the project’s delivery. This should include the rezoning which is required and the timeframes for development.

Importantly, if the objective is urban development, and if congestion & other transport benefits are not improved, then funding should be primarily sourced from urban development, rather than the National Land Transport Fund.

Targeted rates, capital gains taxes & land acquisition via an urban development authority are all options which should be assessed.

A strong, transparent business case, clarifying why the project is being delivered, its costs, benefits & how it will be funded & delivered will address public confusion over the reason for light rail and resolve the question of light or heavy rail to the airport.

Attribution: Stephen Selwood, chief executive Infrastructure NZ.

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Both commercial buildings but only one apartment sell at Barfoots

Both commercial properties and one of the 4 apartments sold at Barfoot & Thompson’s auction this morning.

One of the commercial buildings – a narrow 2-level building in the Mt Roskill shops on the city side of Mt Albert Rd (pictured, marked in red) – has a streetfront shop but a large vacant upstairs area. The other, a Henderson warehouse, also has living quarters.

The apartment to sell was in Argent Hall on Eden Crescent.



Learning Quarter

Argent Hall, 2 Eden Crescent, unit 7B:
Features: 48m², one bedroom, balcony
Outgoings: body corp levy $4544/year
Outcome: sold for $440,000
Agents: Stephen & Leo Shin


Urba Residences, 5 Howe St, unit 112:
Features: one bedroom, balcony, storage locker
Outcome: withdrawn from auction
Agents: Alastair Brown & Hayley Sok

Victoria Quarter

Harvard, 147 Hobson St, unit 3C:
Features: 2 bedrooms
Outgoings: body corp levy $3499/year
Income assessment: $390/week current
Outcome: passed in
Agent: Tom Wang

Hobson Gardens, 205 Hobson St, unit 6C:
Features: 140m², 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, office, 2 parking spaces
Outgoings: body corp levy $6267/year
Outcome: no bid
Agents: Stephen Shin & Yasu Ka


Princes Wharf, 145 Quay St, unit 42:
Features: leasehold, furnished one bedroom, wraparound deck, 2 parking spaces, storage cupboard
Outcome: no bid
Agents: Anah Jordan & Gill Macdonald


Isthmus west

Mt Roskill

1246 Dominion Rd:
Features: 212m² site + quarter share in 66m², 2-level building, 210m² net lettable area
Rent: $28,000/year + gst from downstairs lease, upstairs vacant
Outcome: sold for $720,000
Agents: Nick Wilson & Sim Lee



42 Henderson Valley Rd, unit 7:
Features: 260m² warehouse, mezzanine, parking, refurbished with new roof & painted, living space & facilities including shower
Outcome: sold for $441,000
Agents: Duane Mullooly & Chris Peterson

Attribution: Auction.

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Mixed-use Dominion Rd property passed in at 9%

Published 5 October 2011

A property with a mixed-use zoning at the city end of Dominion Rd, Mt Eden, was passed in on a 9% yield at a CB Richard Ellis auction yesterday.

Side streets off Dominion Rd were targeted several years ago by apartment developers seeking to make more valuable use of business 4-zoned land, raising concern at the reduction of land available for business users and resulting in the creation of the mixed-use zone to define permitted uses more clearly.

That concern has been raised again in the Auckland spatial plan now out for consultation, as business land continued to be taken up for other uses. Auction details:

Isthmus west

Mt Eden, 75 Dominion Rd, 419m² site on corner of Charles St, 612m² 1930s factory over 2 levels in mixed-use zone, returning $78,820 + gst from 6-year lease started October 2007 with no right of renewal, passed in at $870,000 (Colin Stewart)

Earlier stories:

23 August 2006 Plan change 71 introducing mixed-use zone operative 5 August

1 March 2005: Bulk of plan change 71 to become operative

1 July 2001: New mixed-use zone drafted

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Attribution: Auction, story written by Bob Dey for the Bob Dey Property Report.

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Baguley says Dominion Rd feedback taken into account

Published 3 September 2010

Auckland City Council transport committee chairman Ken Baguley said yesterday the council had taken community feedback on board in its amended proposal for the Dominion Rd upgrade.


As a result, he said key recommendations made by the committee to the new Auckland Transport agency for the Dominion Rd improvements (View Rd to Denbigh Ave) would include:

a preference for bus lanes, which would only apply in peak travel periods (6.30-9.30am weekday mornings, 3.30-6.30pm weekday evenings), rather than 24 hours/day, exact hours to be confirmed following further consultation ensure parking on Dominion Rd is available during most of each business daya desire to reduce the number of right-turn restrictions from Dominion Rdthe scope of cycle lanes to be revisited once consultation feedback has been revieweda “one-level” road surface to allow for future-proofed flexibility around lane markingsfurther consultation to be undertaken to fine-tune a revised scheme.


Cllr Baguley said: “We appreciate the large number of local residents, business people & commuters who took the time to express their views via the consultation process. Today’s proposals should dispel the myth that the council is somehow determined to turn Dominion Rd into some kind of 4-lane ‘highway’.


“In fact, by extending the width of Dominion Rd in the mid-block sections,  we are able to improve the streetscape by widening the footpaths, planting more street trees for a boulevard character, improve street furniture & lighting and provide better pedestrian crossing facilities.


“To support businesses and assist motorists, we are also looking at options for providing additional parking behind the shopping areas.”


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Attribution: Council release, story written by Bob Dey for the Bob Dey Property Report.

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Council extends Dominion Rd submissions period

Published 22 July 2010

Auckland City Council has extended the period allowed for feedback on its transport proposals for Dominion Rd due, it said, to a high level of public interest. The feedback period has been extended by 4 weeks, from Sunday 1 August to Sunday 29 August.


“This feedback period is to get people’s thoughts on the overall proposal for Dominion Rd, particularly about whether the road is best serviced by a bus lane or T2 lane and how this should operate, as well as the impact of possible parking & right-hand-turn restrictions. Further consultation is planned in due course for those working in or living near Balmoral & Eden Valley town centres, to discuss & help inform specific plans for these areas.”


Link: Auckland City Council, Dominion Rd


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Attribution: Council release, story written by Bob Dey for the Bob Dey Property Report.

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Council decides buses should stay on Dominion Rd

Published 2 June 2010

Auckland City Council’s transport committee endorsed a simplified scheme for the upgrade of Dominion Rd for consultation today.


Committee chairman Ken Baguley said the council would consult on the design options for the Balmoral & Eden Valley village centres component of the upgrade with relevant community boards, residents & businesses.

  Under the new proposal, buses in the vicinity of Balmoral & Eden Valley shops would stay on Dominion Rd instead of deviating along yet-to-be-created roads through adjacent shopping centres, which was part of an earlier plan.


Cllr Baguley said: “After careful consideration & review, it is felt that the impact from creating new roads through these shopping villages would be too great. These areas will be better served by enhancing service lanes, off-street parking and opportunities for integrated commercial development.


“The Dominion Rd upgrade along its full 4.5km stretch remains a regional priority. The improvements will enhance accessibility for all types of transport along its length and help revitalise the Eden Valley & Balmoral shops.”


The council has proposed that Dominion Rd be widened to provide for separate bus & cycle lanes, and its land purchase programme to facilitate the widening is well advanced.


Construction of the upgrade between View Rd & Denbigh Ave is scheduled to begin in January 2012. Village centre improvements are scheduled to begin in 2014 (Valley Rd) & 2015 (Balmoral), following consultation with community boards, businesses & the wider community.


The committee endorsed uplifting designations on land in the Balmoral village centre and on the building at 292 Dominion Rd (previously earmarked for transport purposes), and amended the project scope to include Dominion Rd from Denbigh Ave to State Highway 20.


Earlier story:

4 April 2008: Council votes to start compulsory land acquisition on Dominion Rd


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Attribution: Council release, story written by Bob Dey for the Bob Dey Property Report.

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Council votes to start compulsory land acquisition on Dominion Rd

Published 4 April 2008

Auckland City Council’s transport committee agreed yesterday to the serving of Public Works Act notices to complete acquisition of designated land for road widening.


Under the council’s Dominion Rd 2016 project, the inner-west arterial route will be widened along its full length, excluding the village centres, to provide fulltime shared bus & cycle lanes, bus bays & an upgraded streetscape.


The committee endorsed the project itself in March.


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Attribution: Council committee agenda & meeting, story written by Bob Dey for this website.

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