Asian Growth starts well in London then slips

Published 17 January 2006

Asian Growth Properties Ltd began trading on the London Stock Exchange’s Aim (alternative investment market) on Monday at a premium to pro forma net asset value, but early trading on Tuesday took the price below asset backing.

Asian Growth comprises the 75% of New Zealand-listed Trans Tasman Properties Ltd’s assets which are in Hong Kong. Trans Tasman was left as a net $100 million company with assets in New Zealand & Australia, and a small percentage of the new Hong Kong company.

Initial trading was in a range of 62-65p/share, compared to asset backing of 54p. But the first trade on Tuesday (London time) was at 55p, followed by trades at 53.87p.

Website: Asian Growth page at LSE


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Attribution: Company statement to LSE, Aim trading, story written by Bob Dey for this website.

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