The Dylan on Great North Rd.

12 sell at Bayleys’ Total Property auction

Bayleys sold 11 properties under the hammer yesterday of the 15 offered in its first Total Property commercial portfolio for the year. Another property was sold last Friday in an auction brought forward.

Yields were variable – down at 3.1% on one property which might reflect development potential more than the present return, 3.6% on a Plumbing World tenancy in New Lynn, 4.4% on a Manukau butcher’s shop, 5.25% on a Party Hire warehouse in East Tamki, 5.4% & 4.9% on 2 retail outlets in the new Dylan apartment building on Great North Rd (pictured above), 6.1% on a Rosedale gym. And, out of town, 7.6% on a long-term NZ Post lease in Whanganui.


Queen St

Mid-City, 239 Queen St, unit 1A:
Features: 39m² fast-food outlet fronting Queen St
Rent: $150,657.30/year net + gst from renewed 12-year lease to Avachi Fried Chicken
Outcome: auction postponed to Total Property 2, Wednesday 12 April
Agents: Quinn Ngo & James Chan


117 Vincent St:
Features: 364m² site, total building area 736m² on 3 levels, each of 245.6m²; 12 parking spaces on ground floor, 2 office floors above
Rent: vacant
Outcome: passed in at $3.5 million
Agents: Nigel McNeill & Ben Bayley

Isthmus east


137 Onehunga Mall:
Features: 185m² site, 213m² 2-storey building
Outcome: sold for $900,000, including the bar & gaming business in it
Agents: Oscar Kuang & James Chan


465-467 Parnell Rd:
Features: 612m² site zoned terrace housing & apartment building, 422m² villa, onsite parking, opportunity to own/occupy after April 2018
Rent: fully lease returning $119,113/year + gst
Outcome: sold for $3.525 million
Agents: Cameron Melhuish & Jenny Kek

Isthmus west

Blockhouse Bay

The Blockhouse Bay property sold on 3.1% yield at auction brought forward.

575 Blockhouse Bay Rd:
Features: 610m² corner site zoned business – local centre, dual-access rear parking
Rent: $55,687.93/year net from convenience store & attached accommodation and 2-level gym
Outcome: sold at pre-auction; declared reserve was $1.4 million, sold for $1.8 million at a 3.1% yield
Agents: Alan Haydock & Damien Bullick

Grey Lynn

The Dylan, 367-375 Great North Rd, principal unit 1:
Features: 128m² freehold retail unit on ground floor of new apartment development, 2 parking spaces, occupied by Love Bites Kitchen
Rent: $68,000/year net + gst from 6-year lease started November 2016, 2 4-year rights of renewal, 3%/year increases, to market on renewal
Outcome: sold for $1.27 million at a 5.4% yield
Agents: Damien Bullick & Alan Haydock

The Dylan, 367-375 Great North Rd, principal unit 2:
Features: 49m² freehold retail unit on ground floor of new apartment development, no parking, occupied by Arch Hill Laundromat
Rent: $30,000/year net + gst on 8-year lease from October 2016
Outcome: sold for $611,000 at a 4.9% yield
Agents: Damien Bullick & Alan Haydock


10 South St:
Features: 357m² site, 318m² standalone building,
Rent: $126,000/year net + gst, new 10-year lease to main tenant + income from billboards & 2-bedroom flat
Outcome: withdrawn from auction
Agents: Oscar Kuang & Nicolas Ching



32 Constellation Drive, unit 5:
Features: 385m² unit in retail centre, fully leased to Snap Fitness, 30 parking spaces in common area
Rent: $157,497/year net + gst, 8-year lease from 2013 + 2 8-year terms
Outcome: sold for $2.585 million at a 6.1% yield
Agents: Ranjan Unka & Anna Radkevich

11-13A Paul Matthews Rd:
Features: 517.7m² roadfront industrial unit, clearspan high stud warehouse, 8 parking spaces
Outcome: sold vacant for $1.55 million
Agent: Matt Mimmack

Wairau Valley

7 Porana Rd, unit A:
Features: 109.7m² vacant industrial unit, 2 parking spaces, multiple rollerdoor access
Outcome: sold for $476,000
Agent: Matt Mimmack



Lincoln Centre, 111 Lincoln Rd, unit B:
Features: 1113m² building, occupied by Accident Compensation Corp since 2000, onsite parking
Rent: $287,000/year gross + gst, 3-year lease from March 2017 + 3-year right of renewal
Outcome: no bid
Agents: Nicolas Ching & James Chan

New Lynn

48 Portage Rd:
Features: 1012m² site + 1/10 share in 585m², 4-year lease to Plumbing World Ltd from October 2016 with rights of renewal
Rent: $62,250/year + gst, 4-year lease from 1 October 2016 with right of renewal
Outcome: sold for $1.73 million at a 3.6% yield
Agents: Mike Adams & Laurie Bell


Clover Park

112 Dawson Rd, unit O (shop 14) in Chapel Downs shopping centre:
Features: 230m² butchery, 2 parking spaces
Rent: $62,000/year net + gst + outgoings on 4-year lease from April 2016, rights of renewal to 2028
Outcome: sold for $1.42 million at a 4.4% yield
Agents: Dave Stanley & Geoff Wyatt

East Tamaki

179C Harris Rd, corner Ti Rakau Drive:
Features: 270m² strata title, showroom, warehouse & office occupied by Party Hire, 6 parking spaces
Rent: $46,000/year net + gst + outgoings, established tenant with renewed 4-year lease term
Outcome: sold for $875,000 at a 5.25% yield
Agents: Tony Chaudhary & Janak Darji

Manukau Central

5C Jack Conway Avenue:
Features: 471m² corner unit title – 230m² ground floor, 241m² first floor, onsite parking
Rent: $130,000/year net + gst + outgoings from 2 tenants on long-term leases
Outcome: no bid
Agents: Rod Grieve & Maxene Bates

South of the Bombays


88-94 Dickens St:
Features: 911m² site, 3 ground-floor tenants, option to develop upstairs
Rent: $78,855/year net + gst
Outcome: no bid
Agents: Paul Dixon & Sam MacDonald


115 Victoria Avenue:
Features: 916m² site, 403m² floor area, 10 parking spaces
Rent: $206,268 from long lease to NZ Post Ltd
Outcome: sold for $2.73 million at a 7.6% yield
Agents: Cameron Melhuish & Ed Donald

Attribution: Auction.

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