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Last preparations start for rail tunnel excavation

Auckland’s city rail link project entered the final stage of preparation works on Albert St last week before tunnel construction works begin.

The top 1.5m of road surface is being removed on the eastern side of Albert St between Wyndham & Swanson Sts before installation of the second half of the temporary steel work required to support the walls of the trench in which the future rail tunnels will be constructed.

Auckland Transport said: “Any utility services that remain in this top portion of the road will be temporarily supported on the steel work to ensure there is no disruption to local residents & businesses.”

In a few weeks, a temporary deck will be constructed over the top of these steel struts, which will provide working room over the top of the trench for excavators & haulage trucks.

“A lane of traffic will be maintained in each direction throughout these works.

“On the remainder of Albert St between Swanson & Customs Sts, work continues to tie together & brace the 20m-deep piles installed to support the trench walls.

“Excavation also began last week on the third portion of the traffic deck being constructed at the Customs/Albert St intersection. When all 4 sections of the deck are completed in September, they will form a bridge structure that spans the entire intersection, allowing all 4 traffic lanes to be re-established while the rail link tunnels are constructed underneath.”

Auckland Transport, city rail link web page

Attribution: Auckland Transport release.

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Mediation agreement signed for Ryman’s Devonport village

Ryman Healthcare Ltd said on Friday its new Devonport village was set to proceed following mediation talks with objectors.

The Devonport Peninsula Precincts Society appealed against the development to the Environment Court after Auckland Council planning commissioners granted resource consent in January for the village on Ngataringa Rd.

Ryman, the society, the NZ Institute of Architects & Urban Auckland have since been in mediation over the retirement village plans for the 4.2ha site owned by Ngati Whatua Orakei.

Ryman development manager Andrew Mitchell said differences were resolved amicably and all parties had signed an agreement. The resolution requires final approval from the Environment Court.

The 6 buildings of the proposed village were up to 6 storeys high, and Devonport residents opposed bulk & height. The parties haven’t disclosed changes to height or design, or how the increased traffic on Lake Rd will be dealt with.

It’s the first largescale consent on the North Shore considered under Auckland’s new unitary plan, and the society said on its website the factors opponents raised would remain relevant for the other largescale development sites (see map above).

Link: Devonport Peninsula Precincts Society

Attribution: Company release, society website.

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12 years after demolition order scrapped, Hobson St building sells

An office tenancy in the former Canvas City & Wong Doo building at the corner of Hobson & Cook Sts, leased in March, was sold at an auction brought forward at Bayleys yesterday.

The small 2-storey building faced demolition in 2005, when South Korean developer Dae Ju Developments Co Ltd sought council permission to knock it down and extend the Fiore apartment building, already approved, across 2 sites.

Heritage campaigner Allan Matson fought demolition and Auckland City councillors Christine Caughey & Faye Storer led the process to look again at Dae Ju’s application.

Eventually, Fiore was built in 2 stages, with the corner shop refurbished. It was constructed in 1885 with shop space at ground level, living areas behind & bedrooms above. It was sold yesterday by Dae Ju successor KNC Global Management Co Ltd.


Victoria Quarter

166 Hobson St, corner Cook St:
Features: 199m² floor area on 2 levels in refurbished category B historic building, occupied by Global Visas Ltd on new 6-year lease
Rent: $110,000/year net + gst + outgoings, body corp levy $5889/year
Outcome: sold for $1.92 million at a 5.73% yield at auction brought forward
Agents: Sarah Boles & Terry Kim

Earlier stories:
12 March 2017: Fiore corner office space leased
8 September 2013: First use of council heritage fund is for Wong Doo building & Airedale cottages
23 December 2011: Council agrees to compromise allowing development above Wong Doo building
5 April 2011: Council slams demolition bans on Canvas City & Ranchhod buildings
17 May 2009: Dae Ju gets new consent to knock down Canvas City building
17 April 2009: Dae Ju revives Canvas City demolition plan as it puts Elliot Tower on hold & redesigns Star site building
13 December 2006: Dae Ju can knock down Canvas City lean-tos, and escapes hefty bond
21 April 2006: Heritage campaigner battles on to save Canvas City from demolition for new development
5 April 2005: Councillors hold up Hobson St demolition with theme of “heritage capital”

Attribution: Auction.

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West Auckland’s new bus network arrives in June

West Auckland gets its turn at a new bus network, starting on Sunday 11 June.

Auckland Transport said today everything about the network would change, including new bus routes, new route numbers & new timetables.

After consultation at the end of 2014, Auckland Transport tendered for new bus contracts, and new services were introduced for South Auckland, Pukekohe & Waiuku last October.

Auckland Transport said benefits of the new network for the west included:

  • a single, all-day, high-frequency route (to be operated with double-deckers from August) along Great North Rd between New Lynn & the city centre, replacing multiple current routes and improving access to Auckland Zoo & Motat for residents & visitors
  • an all-day service for the first time on the North-western Motorway from Westgate to the city centre
  • frequent all-day service between Westgate, Lincoln Rd, Henderson & New Lynn via Great North Rd
  • more direct & more frequent all-day service between Henderson, Westgate, Hobsonville & Constellation on the North Shore
  • easy-to-understand, more regular local services feeding the rest of the network at New Lynn, Henderson & Westgate.

Link: New network for West Auckland

Attribution: Auckland Transport release.

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4 intensive residential & development properties sell

A mix of 4 properties in the intensive living & residential development sectors were sold at Bayleys auctions this week – an apartment in the 1930s Brooklyn building in the cbd, one of 2 properties in the future urban zone 28km north of the cbd at Dairy Flat, a St Heliers townhouse and a Manurewa section with development consents in place.


Learning Quarter

Brooklyn, 66 Emily Place, unit 14:
Features: one-bedroom apartment in 1930s building
Outgoings: rates $1532/year including gst; body corp levy $4208/year
Outcome: sold for $461,000
Agents: Diane Jackson & Julie Prince

Isthmus east

St Heliers

41C Vale Rd:
Features: 3-bedroom townhouse, 3 bathrooms, courtyard, parking space
Outcome: sold for $1.125 million
Agents: John Howard & Josie Moon


The 2 rural properties marked future urban, one sold and the other passed in.

Dairy Flat

18 Green Rd:
Features: flat 3.38ha in 18 paddocks, 3-bedroom house, 2 bathrooms, double garage
Outcome: passed in
Agents: Graeme Mann & Karen Asquith

20 Green Rd:
Features: 9620m² site, 2 tenanted houses, one of 2 bedrooms, the other of 3 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms, each with a single garage
Outcome: sold for $1.3 million
Agents: Graeme Mann & Karen Asquith



40 Sturdee Rd:
Features: 809m² section, 3-bedroom house near motorways, health facilities & shopping centres, resource & building consents for development approved
Outcome: sold for $725,000
Agents: Shan Collings & Marlene Dragicevich


220 Great South Rd, unit 1:
Features: 161m² refurbished standalone mainstreet bungalow containing 7 single-level offices
Outcome: passed in
Agents: Piyush Kumar & Peter Migounoff

Attribution: Agency release.

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Bike network addition at New Lynn planned

Auckland Transport is seeking feedback on plans to extend cycleways in New Lynn. An open day will be held on Thursday 11 May from 3-6pm at the New Lynn Memorial Library and consultation will close on Sunday 21 May.

An off-road cycleway is proposed along Seabrook Avenue from the Willerton Avenue intersection, joining up with the existing shared paths on Margan & Rankin Avenues.

The proposal would entail changes at 3 intersections along the cycleway and also to the intersection of Clark St, Rankin & Totara Avenues to improve access & safety for pedestrians & cyclists.

Auckland Transport’s walking, cycling & road safety manager, Kathryn King, said today this route was identified as the first cycleway priority for New Lynn because of the links to New Lynn Train Station, which is the third busiest station in Auckland.

“We have a lot more in store for the area, both in our current programme of work which runs until 2018 and then as part of our planning for 2018-21.”

NZ Transport Agency regional relationships director Ernst Zollner said these additions under the urban cycleways programme would make it easier to access the station and also ultimately link into the Te Whau pathway, the New Lynn-Avondale & Waterview shared paths and the North-western cycleway, which he said was one of the most popular in Auckland.

Whau Local Board chair Tracy Mulholland said: “New Lynn has been undergoing a major revitalisation transforming it into a sustainable urban centre, with high density housing close to the town centre. The completion of New Lynn’s world-class transport interchange in September 2010 was the first step in the area’s regeneration project. This work to begin developing the walking & cycling facilities takes us another step forward as an area.”

The links to New Lynn project has $2 million of funding from the Government, NZ Transport Agency (also Government) & Auckland Transport through the urban cycleways programme.

Link: Cycle network feedback

Attribution: Auckland Transport release.

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Updated: Non-residential spurt lifts building consents over $2 million for month

Published 28 April 2017, updated 30 April 2017 with figures around Auckland region:
A sharp jump in non-residential projects in March lifted building consents over $2 billion/month for the first time.

The total for all construction was $2.077 billion ($1.505 billion in March 2016). The total for the year was $19.529 billion ($17.357 billion) – a $2.17 billion rise.

Non-residential consents jumped 82% from $460 million last March to $837 million this March. The floor area consented rose 41%, from 230,000m² to 325,000m².

These consents tend to be lumpy, making comparisons in a non-residential sector between one month & another meaningless. The big tickets in non-residential for this March were office (which includes public transport) $191 million, hotels $167 million, hospitals, nursing homes & health $104 million, shops, restaurants & bars $102 million.

Residential consents for March were up 17.4% compared to last March, and up 14.9% for the year. Consents for new homes totalled 2779 this March (2315 a year earlier), and 30,626 for the year (27,789).

Total residential consents for the month were worth $1.199 billion ($1.021 billion a year earlier), and for the year $12.865 billion ($11.038 billion for the previous 12 months).

Home consents by sector, for month & year, previous period in brackets:

Houses: 1923 (1815), 21,434 (19,721), up 8.7% for the year
Apartments: 252 (32), 2671 (2536), up 5.3%
Retirement village units: 197 (134), 1915 (1929), down 0.7%
Townhouses, flat & units: 407 (334), 4606 (3603), up 27.8%

Around Auckland by ward, this March & last, and the March 2017 year & previous 12 months:

Region: 942 (788), 10,199 (9566)
Rodney: 122 (100), 890 (912)
Albany: 227 (178), 2518 (2332)
North Shore: 53 (75), 486 (533)
Waitakere: 55 (51), 652 (483)
Waitemata & Gulf: 116 (14), 961 (1239)
Whau: 40 (17), 310 (187)
Albert-Eden-Roskill: 37 (40), 670 (478)
Orakei: 12 (9), 306 (386)
Maungakiekie-Tamaki: 26 (22), 412 (462)
Howick: 24 (49), 495 (559)
Manukau: 38 (48), 394 (486)
Manurewa-Papakura: 114 (93), 1108 (876)
Franklin: 78 (92), 997 (633)

Attribution: Statistics NZ tables & release.

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Joyce lifts infrastructure intentions and talks new operating mechanisms

New finance minister Steven Joyce (pictured early in his career as a sod-turner) looks to have increased the annual allocation to capital infrastructure spending from $900 million to $4 billion for the 2016-17 financial year, with the promise of upping the budget for the following 3 years by $4.3 billion.

Mr Joyce took over finance from Bill English in December, in the reshuffle following Mr English’s appointment as prime minister. The country goes to a general election on 23 September

Under the more conservative English programme, the allocation to capital infrastructure over the next 4 years was $900 million/year. Mr Joyce said yesterday the focus would be on the infrastructure that supports growth, and those annual allocations would rise to $2 million in the 2017-18 financial year and $2.5 billion in each of the following 2 years.

Both the Property Council & Infrastructure NZ focused on the $11 billion figure Mr Joyce waved in front of them, which included the $3.6 billion already budgeted.

Property Council chief executive Connal Townsend said a lot of the country’s infrastructure was at the end of its useful life and he expected asset replacement would feature prominently in the Budget: “Government’s announcement is a recognition that houses & commercial properties do not exist in isolation but need to be supported by infrastructure such as roads, schools & hospitals….

“Under-investment in infrastructure creates significant deadweight losses for the wider economy. Property Council is pleased that Government recognises this. Infrastructure spending must be seen for what it really is. It is an investment in our cities and a productive input into the wider production process, rather than a mere cost.”

Infrastructure NZ chief executive Stephen Selwood said: “This is a massive increase and the largest capital investment commitment by any government since the 1970s. But it must be said that New Zealand’s growth challenge is the highest it has ever been, and meeting population demands requires the services for a city larger than Nelson to be added every year.

“Added to the growth challenge is New Zealand’s historic under-investment in infrastructure. The reality is that it would not be difficult to spend $11 billion in 2017 alone.”

Mr Joyce said: “We are growing faster than we have for a long time and adding more jobs all over the country. That’s a great thing but, to keep growing, it’s important we keep investing in the infrastructure that enables that growth.”

“We are investing hugely in new schools, hospitals, housing, roads & railways. This investment will extend that run-rate significantly, and include new investment in the justice & defence sectors as well.”

Mr Joyce said the budgeted new capital investment would be added to the investment made through baselines & the National Land Transport Fund, so the total budgeted for infrastructure over the next 4 years would be about $23 billion.

He said the Government wanted to extend that further, with greater use of public-private partnerships and joint ventures between central & local government & private investors.

“As a country we are now growing a bit like South-east Queensland or Sydney, when in the past we were used to growing in fits & starts. That’s great because we used to send our kids to South-east Queensland & Sydney to work, and now they come back here. We just need to invest in the infrastructure required to maintain that growth. Budget 2017 will show we are committed to doing just that.”

Mr Joyce will give details of the initial increase in the May Budget.

Attribution: Ministerial release.

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3 shortlisted for city rail link lines tender

3 companies have been shortlisted to tender for linewide systems integration, testing & commissioning for Auckland’s city rail link (contract 7).

Project director Chris Meale said on Monday there were 8 expressions of interest from international parties for the work and 3 had been selected to move to the phase of request for tender.

They are:

  • John Holland NZ Ltd
  • Laing O’Rourke Australia Construction Pty Ltd, and
  • RCR Infrastructure (NZ) Ltd

They’ll have 3 months to tender. Mr Meale said that, following evaluation, the successful company was likely to be appointed in the last quarter of this year.

The contract will be for the systems that include tracks, power systems, communications, controls, ventilation & signalling from Britomart, through the city rail link and connecting to the western line at Mt Eden Station.

Attribution: Auckland Transport release.

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Silverdale bus station completion a year away

Earthworks are underway for the redesigned Silverdale bus station on Hibiscus Coast Highway, just along from the Northern Motorway ramps, but the station building will only be erected next year and an extra 127 parking spaces still have to be consented.

The existing bus station lost temporary parking recently because it was on a neighbouring development site, and work started on the development. However, the Hibiscus & Bays Local Board has made temporary parking available at the site of the former Nippon Judo Club, on Hibiscus Coast Highway, just past the Silverdale War Memorial Park.

Auckland Transport said it would maintain 200 spaces in the existing commuter parking area – but ban parking on verges to facilitate construction work – until the main new parking lot is complete, scheduled for February 2018. 484 new parking spaces have been consented so far.

The new parking will be on a levelled site, and the bus station will be built next to the Hibiscus Coast Highway. It will have ticket & top-up machines, toilets, secure cycle parking and waiting areas that will be well lit & protected from the elements.

The whole project is scheduled for completion in May 2018.

Auckland Transport has asked commuters to use connecting bus services in the meantime.

Attribution: Auckland Transport release.

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