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Council gets $300 million infrastructure package, balance sheet-beating deal to come next

Auckland will get $300 million from the Government’s new Housing Infrastructure Fund, which will bring forward construction of 10,500 homes in north-western suburbs Whenuapai & Redhills.

Auckland mayor Phil Goff and Finance Minister Steven Joyce announced the funding package yesterday.

It will enable investment in transport, wastewater & stormwater projects which Auckland Council has earmarked as priority, fast-track initiatives.

Next up, in the next few weeks, is an announcement on overcoming the council’s balance sheet constraints.

In addition to wastewater & stormwater improvements, the $300 million will fund improvements to transport infrastructure, including an extension to Fred Taylor Drive & Northside Drive at Westgate, an update & realignment of Trig Rd, Whenuapai, and a new bridge crossing to the West Harbour ferry terminal.

Mr Goff said: “Over the last several months, I’ve met with the prime minister & other ministers to discuss the Housing Infrastructure Fund. I am pleased Auckland Council has been able to work with the Government to ensure the Government’s wider funding package for infrastructure aligns with Auckland Council’s financial constraints.”

He said Auckland’s bid for funds focused on a small number of highly development-ready areas where funding would accelerate priority projects and unlock housing growth quickly.

“Not only are we accelerating housing delivery, we are creating new centres for employment and increased accessibility across the Auckland region with improvements to Auckland’s transport system.

“Accelerating housing delivery in Auckland is a priority. I welcome the Government’s recognition of the growth challenges facing Auckland and their readiness to work with the council to address issues in our city for the benefit of all New Zealand.”

However, Mr Goff said the city would continue to need billions of dollars of extra investment to keep pace with its unprecedented growth: “Auckland has received most of what it sought from the Housing Infrastructure Fund. In the coming weeks there will be a further important announcement from the Government on new funding options for Auckland that take into account the balance sheet constraints the city faces. We have worked constructively with the Government to find innovative solutions to meet Auckland’s needs.

“The Housing Infrastructure Fund package will help significantly, but with ongoing growth and the pressing need for matching infrastructure, we will need to continue to work together to increase & bring forward investment to tackle Auckland’s housing shortage & growing congestion.”

Attribution: Council release.

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Developer settles for 5.26% yield on new shops but childcare centre owner holds out 60 points firmer

A longstanding Mt Eden childcare centre was passed in with the yield at 4.66% at Colliers’ auction today, but the developer of a new local retail centre (pictured) at Westgate settled for 60 basis points over that strong cap rate to achieve sales on 3 of the 4 units on offer.

The development company, Frontier Properties Ltd (Dean & Julie Whimp), got a 5.26% yield on the sale of a pizza outlet & a barber shop, and 5.27% on a bakery, but couldn’t attract interest below 5.56% for a dentist’s premises.

The yield on the barber shop was almost trimmed to 5.23%, but the $5000 raise turned out to be an error.

Isthmus west

Mt Eden

158 Balmoral Rd:
Features: 607m² site, bungalow occupied by childcare licensed for 27 children,
Rent: $71,604/year net + gst, 10-year lease term from May 2015, 2 5-year rights of renewal, rental rate $51/child/week
Outcome: passed in at $1.535 million, representing a 4.66% yield
Agents: Shoneet Chand & Peter Kermode



575 Don Buck Rd, 4 retail premises in new development
Agents on all 4: Shoneet Chand, Euan Stratton & Deborah Dowling

Unit 2, Sal’s Pizza:
Features: 73.5m², 7-year lease, 2 7-year rights of renewal
Rent: $40,480/year net + gst
Outcome: sold for $770,000 at a 5.26% yield

Unit 3, Don Buck Bakery:
Features: 73.5m², 8-year lease, 2 4-year rights of renewal
Rent: $40,480/year net + gst
Outcome: sold for $768,500 at a 5.27% yield

Unit 4, Nexus Barber:
Features: 73.5m², 6-year lease, 2 4-year rights of renewal
Rent: $39,744/year net + gst
Outcome: sold for $755,000 at a 5.26% yield

Unit 5, Massey Smiles:
Features: 105.5m², 10-year lease, 2-5-year rights of renewal
Rent: $55,620/year net + gst
Outcome: passed in at $1 million, representing a 5.56% yield

Attribution: Auction.

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6 sell at Colliers auction

5 commercial properties were sold at Colliers’ auction on Wednesday, and another shortly after.

Isthmus west


432 Rosebank Rd, unit 4:
Features: Coverstaff NZ Ltd on new 6-year lease
Rent: $52,000/year
Outcome: sold for $891,000 at a 5.8% yield
Agents: Charlie Oscroft & Craig Smith

Mt Roskill

954 Dominion Rd:
Features: 130m² site, corner café, 3-bedroom apartment
Rent: was $550/week for café, $420/week for apartment
Outcome: sold for $890,000
Agents: Peter Kermode & Jasmine Yao



34 Triton Drive, unit B2:
Features: 185m² air-conditioned office, 5 parking spaces,
Rent: $65,542/year net + gst, 6-year lease
Outcome: sold for $835,000 at a 7.8% yield
Agents: Janet Marshall & Paul Salmon

Mairangi Bay

3A Whetu Place:
Features: 537m² high-stud warehouse
Outgoings: opex $55/m²/year
Rent: $76,317/year net holding income; current lease expires September 2016
Outcome: sold for $1.255 million at a 6% yield
Agents: Mike Ryan & Matt Prentice

Hibiscus Coast – Millwater

175 Millwater Parkway, unit 8:
Features: 103m² retail unit I new development, 6-year lease with 2 6-year rights of renewal
Rent: $41,020/year net
Outcome: sold for $770,000
Agents: Euan Stratton & Matt Prentice



Fernhill Drive, unit A:
Outcome: withdrawn from auction
Agents: Shoneet Chand & Brad Visser



228 Flanagan Rd:
Features: 2.1165ha site zoned future urban
Outcome: passed in at $800,000
Agents: Tony Allsop & Tim Lichtenstein

East Tamaki

11D Blackburn Rd:
Outcome: withdrawn from auction
Agents: Jolyon Thomson & Ash Vincent

55 Greenmount Drive:
Features: 2345m² light industrial building, fully leased to long-term tenant
Rent: $240,000/year net + gst
Outcome: passed in, sold post-auction for $3.65 million at a 6.5% yield
Agents: Paul Higgins, Greg Goldfinch & Jolyon Thomson

South of the Bombays – Waikato


185 Victoria St:
Features: 532m² Lone Star restaurant,
Rent: $225,400/year net + gst + opex, lease to 2020, renewals to 2030
Outcome: passed in, vendor bid at $2.5 million
Agents: Mark Brunton & Justin Oliver

Attribution: Auction.

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Barfoots has a quiet day – 47 residential properties auctioned

Barfoot & Thompson had a quieter Wednesday in the auctionroom yesterday than it’s had for months, but still took 47 residential properties to auction and sold 19 of them (14 sales recorded below).

Through the normally quiet late winter-early spring months, the agency has operated with 2 auctionrooms every Wednesday morning & afternoon – up to 80 properties – with other auctions conducted during the rest of the week.

The list below includes 31 of the properties auctioned, those that are more intensively developed – cbd apartments, a few outside the core cbd, suburban units, cross-leased properties and a couple of properties likely to be valued more for their development potential.


Quay Park

The Landings (pictured), 8 Ronayne St, unit 603:
Features: leasehold, 72m², with remedial issues, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, balcony, parking space
Outgoings: body corp levy $4657/year, ground rent $3712/year, remedial levy $21,340 paid
Outcome: sold for $140,000
Agents: Wendy Feng & Jack Li

Queen St

CityLife, 171 Queen St, unit 1002:
Outcome: withdrawn from auction
Agents: Rico Zhao

CityLife, 171 Queen St, unit 1005:
Features: 48m², one bedroom, not in hotel pool
Outgoings: body corp levy $3874/year
Outcome: passed in at $370,000
Agents: Stephen Shin & Yasu Ka


23-25 St Benedicts St:
Features: 435m² site, 100-year-old church conversion with 3 levels, building over 400m², 2 dwellings, 3 bedrooms – art studio/workroom, art gallery/showroom & 3 secure garages
Outcome: passed in, back on market at $2.53 million
Agents: Jill Jackson & Emma John

Victoria Quarter

Hobson Gardens, 205 Hobson St, unit 3K:
Features: 102m², 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, secure parking space
Outgoings: body corp levy $4139/year excluding water
Outcome: passed in at $560,000
Agents: Stephen Shin & Yasu Ka

Wiltshire, 89 Victoria St West, unit 5B:
Features: 52m², one bedroom
Outgoings: body corp levy $1757/year
Outcome: sold for $401,000
Agents: Fiona Lee

Isthmus east


8 Ballin St, unit 4:
Features: cross-lease, quarter share in 1123m² m², 3 bedrooms, balcony, internal-access garage
Outcome: no bid
Agents: Steve Hood

2 Cawley St, unit 43:
Features: 2-bedroom townhouse, balcony, courtyard, double garage
Outcome: sold for $645,000
Agents: Oscar Ramirez


8 Atherton Rd, unit 3:
Features: cross-lease, one-quarter share in 1188m² m², 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, lockup garage
Outcome: sold for $1.05 million
Agents: James Taylor

1B Crescent Rd:
Features: cross-lease, half share in 1052m², 2-level townhouse, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, conservatory, internal-access double garage
Outcome: no bid
Agents: Diana Buczkowski & Kathy Bower

259 Manukau Rd, unit 1:
Features: cross-lease, one-third share in 1232m² m², 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, deck, double garage
Outcome: no bid, back on the market at $1.69 millio
Agents: George Fong & Laura McAuley

593 Manukau Rd, unit 3:
Features: cross-lease, one-quarter share in 1037m², 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, brick & tile unit, internal-access garage
Outcome: sold for $780,000
Agents: Ann Mushet

36A Pah Rd, unit 1:
Features: m², 2-bedroom unit, lockup basement garage
Outcome: passed in
Agents: Meg Jiang & Stephen Gao


Bridgeside, 127 Grafton Rd, unit 3F:
Features: one bedroom, 2 secure parking spaces, storage
Outgoings: body corp levy $4897/year
Outcome: auction brought forward, sold at offer of $450,000
Agents: Amanda Morrison

Mission Bay

82 Patteson Avenue:
Features: 976m² section, 3-bedroom house + 3 2-bedroom terrace units with exclusive carports
Outcome: passed in at $3.4 million
Agents: Paul Neshausen


9 Sarawia St, unit 206:
Features: one bedroom, carport
Outcome: sold prior
Agents: Sarah Garlick & Estee Zeng


166 Grey St, unit 5:
Features: cross-lease, one-eighth share in 1535m² m², 2-bedroom brick & tile unit, single carport
Outcome: passed in, back on market at $559,000
Agents: Jane Wang & Dragon Zhou


138 Kepa Rd:
Features: 751m² vacant site
Outcome: no bid
Agents: Veronica Schoonraad


5 Suda Place:
Features: ex-state house on 847m² section backing onto reserve m², 3 bedrooms
Outcome: sold for $830,000
Agents: Sam Bowen


139B Bassett Rd:
Features: cross-lease, one-third share in 915m² m², 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, study, balcony, deck
Outcome: passed in
Agents: Jack Pecsy

Royal Oak

22A Erson Avenue:
Features: cross-lease, half share in 836m², 2-bedroom townhouse, garden, internal-access garage
Outcome: sold for $860,000
Agents: Winnie Groom

St Heliers

15 Bermuda Rd, unit 3:
Features: cross-lease, one-quarter share in 928m², 2-storey 73m² unit, one bedroom, garage
Outcome: sold for $560,000
Agents: Zdenka Zinajic

33 Challenger St:
Features: cross-lease, half share in 802m², 2 storeys, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, deck, double garage
Outcome: passed in, sold post-auction
Agents: Helen Clelland & Teresa Weiss

10 Harvey Place, unit 1:
Features: cross-lease, half share in 1113m², 3 bedrooms, single garage + offstreet parking
Outcome: sold for $1.06 million
Agents: Karin Cooper

Isthmus west


1702 Great North Rd:
Features: cross-lease bungalow, half share in 883m², 3 bedrooms, rear deck, garage, offstreet parking
Outcome: sold for $775,000
Agents: Anna Lechtchinski

1710 Great North Rd:
Features: 7-bedroom home converted into 5 flats on 1011m² section
Outcome: sold for $1.25 million
Agents: Anna Lechtchinski

Freemans Bay

Star Block Apartments, 62 Wellington St, unit 5:
Features: 2 bedrooms, offstreet parking
Outgoings: body corp levy $4217/year
Outcome: sold for $846,000
Agents: Matt O’Rourke & Ryan Harding

Grey Lynn

2 Dickens St, unit 2E:
Features: m², apartment 2 bedrooms, office, tandem garage
Outgoings: body corp levy $1421/year (reduced after body corp was in surplus; historic levy level has been $2500/year)
Outcome: no bid
Agents: Felicity & Thornton Scott

Mt Eden

60 Grange Rd, unit 3:
Features: m², 2 bedrooms, fenced outdoor area, offstreet parking
Outcome: no bid, back on market at $649,000
Agents: Helen Gu & Lillian Bai

Three Kings

874A Mt Eden Rd:
Features: 2 2-bedroom units on 2210m² site
Outcome: no bid
Agents: George Fong & Judy Xu



17 Alloway St:
Features: 536m² section
Outcome: auction postponed
Agents: Lawrence Yuan

Attribution: Auction.

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Albany settlement helps Stride’s Westgate programme

Stride Property Ltd (the former DNZ Property Fund Ltd) confirmed another property sale settlement this week, adding to the inhouse funding for its $170 million NorthWest Shopping Centre at Westgate, which opened on Thursday.

The $15.15 million sale of 51 Corinthian Drive at Albany was $450,000 over the 31 March valuation, and the $170 million NorthWest valuation made in March was $15 million over the estimate made early in construction. The company has sold $46.7 million of non-core properties under a divestment programme to support the Westgate development, which has another retail stage to go.

The new centre has almost 100 stores on a 27,000m² floorplate and stage 2 will comprise a further 7500m² of retail, dining & office space on land across the street from the NorthWest centre. It’s expected to cost about $35 million and provide an initial minimum yield of over 7%. Completion is targeted for late 2016.

Image at top: Across the stage 2 site to the NorthWest mall stage 1 that opened on Thursday.

Earlier stories:
30 September 2015: Westgate opens for business tomorrow
2 September 2015: Kiwi Property buys Westgate bulk retail centre
24 July 2015: DNZ looks to grow investment management as first Westgate project nears completion
2 July 2015: Propbd on Q Th2July15 – Corinthian sale, Courtenay Quarter sale
9 April 2014: DNZ happy to breach investment guideline as it starts Westgate construction
13 August 2012: DNZ buys Corinthian Drive building, conditional on development site

Link: Westgate masterplan

Attribution: Company release.

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Westgate opens for business tomorrow

Auckland Council celebrates the birth of its newest town centre tomorrow as Stride Property Ltd (ex-DNZ Property Fund Ltd) opens the first stage of its $155 million NorthWest Shopping Centre at Westgate.

Mayor Len Brown & deputy mayor Penny Hulse will join Upper Harbour MP & Local Government Minister Paula Bennett for a 9am ribbon-cutting ceremony at the mall tomorrow.

The mall, built over the last 18 months, is one part of NZ Retail Property Group Ltd’s wider development masterplan.

It’s ironic that the council should be celebrating the success of collaboration, when so much of the development’s history was affected by non-collaboration – right down to years of the developer using one name, Westgate, which has prevailed over the insistence of councils to call it Massey North.

While the Waitakere City Council supported development – it recognised the need for more business to be based in West Auckland – the Auckland Regional Council was entrenched opposition. But, as I wrote in 2009, “7 years & $26 million of development costs down the track, the 156ha new project has been placed inside the metropolitan urban limits”.

Auckland Council has provided core development infrastructure, including roads, stormwater ponds & an open spaces network. The council’s also providing public amenities – the first completed project is Te Pumanawa, the new town square, and construction of the public library is scheduled to start early next year.

Council city transformation projects manager John Dunshea said yesterday: “The opening of Te Pumanawa & the NorthWest Shopping Centre is a great achievement and is part of the long-term development of the Westgate area. Planning for the town centre development was completed in 2012 after a long process and is a great example of what can be achieved when the council, community & developers work together.”

Earlier stories:
18 October 2013: Plan change 15 for Westgate & plan change 36 for Waitakeres fully operative Monday
19 December 2008: Expanded Westgate a new Newmarket?
8 March 2010: Council says 435ha MUL shift will create 30,000 jobs
18 November 2009: Opposition pushes Massey North start out 8 years from conception

Attribution: Council release.

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Westgate town centre square named Te Pumanawa

The Henderson-Massey Local Board has officially named Westgate’s new town square Te Pumanawa Square.

Te Pumanawa represents the heartbeat of activities, recognising the town square as a regular meeting place, somewhere to perform music & enjoy entertainment, or just to sit & rest. The local board agreed on the name at its September meeting after historical research of the area and consultation with Hetaraka Tobin, kaumatua & representative of Ngati Whatua o Kaipara.

The town square is part of Auckland Council’s contribution to the Westgate Town Centre development.

“The decision fell within the authority of the local board and we are both privileged and honoured to have chosen this special name with guidance from mana whenua,” says Henderson-Massey Local Board chair Vanessa Neeson said the square would be a high quality shared space which would allow for vehicles but prioritise pedestrians.

It’s the last piece in the road network which has already been constructed for the town centre.

The town square will be fronted by restaurants & shops and will connect the new 26,000m² mall & town square retail space to a 3500m library & community centre planned for the western end of the square. Construction is due to start early next year for completion in 2017.

Auckland Council is also developing a new town park and series of open spaces connecting a stormwater pond network to complement the development of the town centre. This work should be completed by 2017.

Image above: The new Westgate town square, named Pumanawa Square, under construction outside the NorthWest Shopping Centre.

Attribution: Council release.

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Kiwi Property buys Westgate bulk retail centre

Kiwi Property Group Ltd has bought the Zone 7 bulk retail centre being developed at Westgate for $82.5 million.

Chief executive Chris Gudgeon said the NZX-listed company had secured the acquisition from NZ Retail Property Group Ltd (Mark Gunton) today.

The development is 87% precommitted with lease agreements in place for 22,200m² of retail space and a weighted average lease term of 8.1 years. It sits on a predominantly freehold site of 5.1ha, but 6.3% is subject to a ground lease.

Westgate is a comprehensively planned town centre development at the intersection of State Highways 16 & 18 (the North-western Motorway & Upper Harbour Highway), which has retail, commercial, service & housing either existing, being developed or planned.

Zone 7 is anchored by Harvey Norman, Briscoes, Rebel Sport, Freedom Furniture and Hunter Furniture and comprises 28 retail units totalling 25,500m², with a central parking area for 622 cars.

Mr Gudgeon said: “This acquisition follows our purchase in December last year of the former Apex Mega Centre at Sylvia Park – another high quality large-format retail centre. The Westgate complex provides us with further exposure to large-format retail space, which we see as an attractive sector in key locations.

“The acquisition cost of $82.5 million represents a yield on passing rent of 7.0%, and we are targeting a 10-year internal rate of return of about 9.1%.

“This acquisition is consistent with our strategy of growing our Auckland retail sector exposure, specifically in dominant regional centres & large-format retail locations favoured by the proposed Auckland unitary plan. Westgate is a metropolitan centre under the unitary plan and we believe it will emerge as one of Auckland’s favoured retail destinations, particularly for large-format retail, with very positive attributes in terms of population growth, household formation & motorway accessibility.”

The centre is under construction, with the initial stages expected to start trading next March. Kiwi Property will fund the acquisition through existing debt facilities. It will secure title for the land with an initial payment of $30 million and pay the balance over the remaining development period.

24 July 2015: DNZ looks to grow investment management as first Westgate project nears completion

Attribution: Company release.

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DNZ looks to grow investment management as first Westgate project nears completion

DNZ Property Fund Ltd chief executive Peter Alexander told the annual meeting on Wednesday the company was looking for opportunities to grow its investment management business, as it restructures its Diversified NZ Property Fund to bring in new investors.

Meanwhile, its Westgate shopping centre is scheduled to open on 1 October, the company is working on plans for a stage 2 development and continues to assess redevelopment at Johnsonville in Wellington.

Mr Alexander said the retail space in the NorthWest Shopping Centre at Westgate was almost completely leased, with only 2 retail tenancies yet to be confirmed and 7 office suites available. The 2 anchor tenants are Farmers’ department store and a Countdown supermarket.

Mr Alexander said the project was on target to meet or better its anticipated return on cost: “The net operating income yield on development cost on completion of all leasing is expected to slightly exceed the 7.75% forecast given when the project was announced. As at 31 March 2015, the value on completion was appraised at $170 million, ahead of the $160 million originally forecast. The project is being funded through the company’s debt capacity & the sale of non-core assets.”

He said the success of the NorthWest centre provided a platform to proceed with the second stage of the Westgate development, and DNZ had almost completed design on this. Westgate stage 2 will comprise a further 7500m² of retail, dining & office space on land opposite the NorthWest centre.

“Westgate stage 2 is expected to cost about $35 million and provide an initial minimum yield of over 7%. The exact timing of the project is yet to be finalised, but completion is targeted for late in 2016. We will fund the development through the sale of non-core assets.”

However, a dispute over the stage 2 site, between DNZ & Westgate developer Westgate Town Centre Ltd remains unresolved. Mr Alexander said: “Our work on Westgate stage 2 is being undertaken as a result of a right contained in our original agreement to acquire the NorthWest Shopping Centre land from Westgate Town Centre Ltd. That company has disputed the terms of this right. However we disagree on this point and consider that the terms of the agreement are clear. DNZ & Westgate Town Centre Ltd are currently engaged in dispute resolution, and we look forward to a positive outcome to this.”

In Wellington, DNZ is also reviewing plans to turn the Johnsonville Shopping Centre into a contemporary retail centre. He said DNZ hoped to have the review completed by late 2015.
In a separate stream of activity, DNZ is pursuing opportunities in real estate investment management: “It is quite clear to us that this area holds appeal for investors, and that there is global interest in investing in the New Zealand economy.

“DNZ already manages Diversified NZ Property Fund Ltd, a wholesale property fund, and receives management fee income for managing its assets. We are in the process of restructuring Diversified NZ Property Fund with its existing investors, to enable easier access for new investors. Expansion of our real estate investment management business may include the growth of Diversified, or the establishment of new funds & investment structures.”

Attribution: Speechnotes.

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2 large special housing areas for Franklin

The latest 2 Auckland special housing areas are both in Franklin and both large – 87ha on McLarin Rd, Glenbrook, providing for 800 homes, and 68ha on Bremner Rd, Drury, for at least 1000 homes.

Building & Housing Minister Nick Smith said when he & mayor Len Brown announced the areas yesterday that he was encouraged that Auckland Council “is continuing to advance greenfield sites for special housing area status. This is welcome progress, in both scale & momentum, to help address Auckland’s issues of housing supply & affordability”.

The Drury area is just north of Stevenson Group Ltd’s 361ha Drury South industrial subdivision & associated extension of the metropolitan urban limit, given approval last year. Stevenson Group’s private plan change will turn the 361ha of rural & quarry land over to a mix of industrial & business development.

Industrial development is also being considered at Glenbrook, where 1200ha is available next to the steel mill.

Thee special housing areas take the number in Auckland to 86, with a combined potential for 45,000 homes.

Mr Brown said both housing sites were near existing amenities such as halls, reserves & education centres, “and we are confident that the proposed housing developments at these sites can be well serviced by existing or planned water, waste & roading infrastructure.

“I also commend the undertaking from the developer to build at least 150 affordable homes at Bremner Rd – or 15% of the total project. This is above the 10% affordable housing provision which is required in the special housing area by the council.”

In addition to the new Franklin housing areas, a 5.2ha extension to a 29ha special housing area on Fred Taylor Drive, Westgate, has been approved.

The Drury development, by Karaka & Drury Ltd, will yield 1000-1500 new homes over 7-9 years, with the first homes ready for occupation by the end of 2017. The first stage will have about 150 lots. The land is rural, but zoned future urban under the proposed Auckland unitary plan.

The Glenbrook development by Kahawai Point Ltd (Tahuna Minhinnick) will provide a mix of housing types, including 2-bedroom duplexes & 3-5 bedroom homes. The first homes in the 200-lot first stage are expected to be completed by the end of next year. The council’s housing project office says Kahawai Point Ltd has been working closely with mana whenua and has incorporated iwi housing concepts into the masterplan.

Links: Auckland Council, housing accord
Map: Special housing area – McLarin Road, Glenbrook
Map: Special housing area – Bremner Road, Drury

Earlier story, 30 August 2013: Drury South industrial area plan change & MUL extension approved

Attribution: Ministerial & council release.

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