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Extra value in St Marys Bay

Valuable anomaly
Auckland City Councillors listened sympathetically on Friday to an argument that developers are taking advantage of corner sites in St Marys Bay, the old Auckland suburb directly above the Westhaven marina, and recommended the matter be investigated by the district plan working party.

The petitioner presenting a case to take away the corners’ advantage, a Mr Miller, told the planning and regulatory committee that developers of corner sites could build up to 8m high at the road frontage, to the detriment of neighbours and, because of topography in the suburb, people much further away.

By using a loophole, developers of small corner sites were making them more valuable, putting disproportionately sized homes on them. “Big dollars are at stake,” Mr Miller said.

He claimed corner-site St Marys Bay land values were above $500/m² and that developers could use small infill sites for large buildings when the council minimum for a townhouse site was 400m²

One example he cited, a two-storey solid-wall building on Hackett St with a view over the roofs to the marina, sits on a 144m² section which once had a corner dairy on it and has refurbished old cottages on each side, but is not an infill site.

The council’s resource management manager for the isthmus and islands, Karen Bell, said the residential 1 zone had unique frontyard controls, and corner sites benefited from having two front yards, giving the ability to build higher and closer to the road.

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Final stage for Rosebank Rd self-storage facility

Planning consent, 31 May 2002:

Avondale, 379 Rosebank Rd, Auckland City Council’s planning fixtures sub-committee granted Lock ‘N’ Leave Self Storage Ltd (Neil Tisch & Garry Melville-Smith) non-notified hearing & resource consent to extend the existing storage facility.

The additional 50 mini-storage units will take the total to 670, carried out in 4 stages on a 476m² footprint. The development area has been used for vehicle manoeuvring & boat storage on short-term agreements.

The property has single-storey storage units, an office & a caretaker’s residence, with a vacant 3000m² vegetated area at the rear, next to the coastline. The facility was established in 1997.

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Dominion Rd rapid transit corridor approved

Only a few modifications by commissioners and no discussion by councillors

Auckland City Council approved a notice of requirement for a passenger transport route along the Dominion Rd corridor on Thursday night.

Mostly the proposed route for either bus or rapid transit follows the roadway, necessitating road widening along much of Dominion Rd, but here and there it deviates.

The only discussion on the notice, to designate land required for the transport route, came from Cllr Doug Astley, who was disappointed that it wouldn’t follow a straight line as Dominion Rd did. “Because of the likes of the Hollywood Dairy, which in 20 years will probably fall over anyway, we create a dog leg around it.”

Cllr Juliet Yates, who as chairman of the council’s planning & regulatory committee and planning fixtures sub-committee moved adoption of the requirement notice, said that if the council didn’t adopt the recommendation at this meeting — the last for this council — the whole matter would have to be revisited.

There was no dissent from the recommendation, which was to designate land for widening Dominion Rd from the North Auckland rail line at the Great North Rd end to the south-western rail corridor at the other end, for use off off-road land around the Valley Rd & Balmoral shopping areas, and provide infrastructure & works to enhance passenger transport along the route.

There were a few modifications to the proposal the council wanted adopted by the commissioners, headed by independent commissioner Mike Hayman:

At Ballantyne Square, compensatory planting is required for the 18m² snipped off for the corridor

the panel didn’t support designation affecting 486-498 Dominion Rd, between Mont Le grand & Mt Pleasant Rds, and suggested enough land could be found on the other (western) side of the road, at the corner of St Albans Ave and the Kitchen’ Things property

designation of 638 Dominion Rd, the Hollywood Dairy, wasn’t supported. The panel determined that the council should continue to investigate alternative options in that area

the designation affecting 1047 Dominion Rd should be modified, so the road would be widened by 550mm instead of 1.2m

the designation lapse period should be 12 years instead of the proposed 20 years.

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Great North Rd sale

25 June 2002: Grey Lynn, 137 Great North Rd, Embassy Motors Ltd (Raman & Mayhas Ranchhod, also directors of M&R Properties Ltd) has bought the property from the Public Service Association for $2.1 million. The 987m² property has net lettable area of 1464m² on 4 floors and 29 parking spaces. The association and Aspac Vacations Ltd are tenants. Henry Playne & Harold McCracken of CB Richard Ellis handled the sale.

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Redwood gets non-notified hearing for 56 units off Dominion Rd

Planning consent, 26 July 2002:

Mt Eden, 6 Ewington Rd, Auckland city Council’s regulatory & fixtures sub-committee granted Redwood Group Ltd (Tony Gapes) non-notified hearing for an application to build 56 residential units in the business 2 zone.

The development covers 3922m² off Dominion & Ewington Rds, backing on to the Valley Rd Foodtown supermarket. Redwood plans to build 46 2-beddies & 10 1-beddies.

The proposal includes building 2 storeys on an existing block of retail units over which Redwood has air rights, plus construction on vacant land. Basement parking will be provided for 84 cars. There would be a courtyard between the 2 structures.

A transport designation through the western side of the site will not be affected by the building. Among consent considerations will be a 28-space parking shortfall, stacked parking, development within 30m of a residential zone, earthworks and removal of a generally protected tree.

General Distributors Ltd (a subsidiary of Foodtown chain parent Progressive Enterprises Ltd) applied for consent in 1999 to establish a 104-unit residential development, but that consent was withdrawn in 2000.

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Momo conversion allowed but closing time cut, new Mt Albert restaurant allowed

Planning consent, 2 August 2002:

Mt Albert, 930 New North Rd, Auckland City Council’s regulatory & fixtures sub-committee granted Hatsy Investments Ltd (Lai Hong, also director of Dynasty Restaurant Ltd) non-notified hearing the previous week & resource consent this week to convert the Momo Tea Café into a tavern, but cut back the closing time from 2am to 1am Friday & Saturday nights.

The café (previously occupied by the Highway 51 Café) in a 286m² building in the Mt Albert shopping strip, is used mainly by Chinese students attending Unitec.

Consultant planner Michelle Cooper said of the closing hours, “We thought 2 wasn’t too much later than 1.” If the application had been for 3am, though, the recommendation might have been to knock it back.

Cllr Graeme Mulholland said the committee had restricted most other applicants to a 1am closing time. “It’s not just the noise on the premises. It’s shutting doors, just the noise associated with that,” he said, in recommending the earlier close.

Committee chairman Cllr Juliet Yates said “protecting suburban amenity” had to be considered. “If there are no adverse effects the applicant can always come back for a variation.”

The tavern’s hours will be 11.30am-1am Sunday-Thursday, and 11.30-1am Friday-Saturday.

Mt Albert, 1091 New North Rd, the committee granted M Sanati non-notified hearing & resource consent for a new 77m² restaurant within an existing building, plus 13m² of outdoor seating area, and allowed a closing time of 11.30pm 7 days.

When Cllr Bill Christian asked if planning staff were happy with the hours, Ms Cooper said they were considered as part of her assessment. Maximum number of people onsite would be 24 — 22 staff, 16 customers inside & 6 outside.

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Update: New Kingsland café

Planning consent, 16 August 2002:

Kingsland, 460A New North Rd, Auckland City Council’s regulatory & fixtures sub-committee granted M Tredicucci resource consent for a café/restaurant in an existing retail tenancy. Non-notified hearing of the application was granted on 2 August.

Planning consent, 2 August 2002:

Kingsland, 460A New North Rd, Auckland City Council’s regulatory & fixtures sub-committee granted M Tredicucci, Taupo, non-notified hearing for an application to turn a retail tenancy into a café/restaurant.

The café is in a 341m² building at the start of a small cul-de-sac in the Kingsland shopping strip and is zoned business 2. It’s 1 block past the busy Bond St intersection, which crosses over to Sandringham Rd & Eden Park. The Kingsland railway station is immediately below the shopping strip.

The building has no onsite parking, resulting in a 13-space shortfall, but parking 2 minutes up the road would be leased.

Cllr Graeme Mulholland expressed concern for residents living above shops, and for those in the immediate neighbourhood. But council planner Gail Lorier said the café was in a zone where such activity was permitted, and the nearest residentially zoned land was 50m away.

And principal planner Tania Richmond added: “Persons who choose to live in the business zone have to accept a lower level of amenity.”

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