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Ellerslie plan moves to next consultation stage

Published: 19 April 2005

The community launch of phase 2 of the Ellerslie liveable community project will be on 11 May, followed by open days from 12-26 May, focus groups from 30 May-17 June and a community expo on 18 June.

A community workshop is envisaged in mid-July so a draft vision can be worked on during the 2nd half of the year. The community plan would be adopted in June 2006.

The phase 2 consultation process for the Ellerslie project was endorsed by Auckland City Council’s urban strategy & governance committee on 7 April. Senior council planner Dawne Mackay said it was intended to establish a community reference group of 10-15 representatives from key groups to help consultation & provide feedback.

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Councillors overcome popup & Sunday concerns to change Sylvia Park consent

Published: 5 April 2005

Auckland City councillors displayed their sensitivity about advertising billboards today when Kiwi Income Property Trust sought some changes to its Sylvia Park design which included a “popup” section at one entrance. But they voted for the changes and also allowed work until 6pm on Sundays.

Kiwi Income development company Sylvia Park Business Centre Ltd’s redesign will result in a 221m² reduction to 56,971m² in gross floor area on the 21ha site, for which resource consent was granted last September.

But first Kiwi’s representatives had to overcome councillor suspicions about the popup and concerns that concrete trucks would disrupt residential streets on Sundays.

Planning fixtures committee chairman Faye Storer was assured by lawyer Douglas Allen the popup wasn’t the toaster kind, but would be a stationary section of the building south of the South-eastern Arterial route (the Seart bridge that cuts across the Mt Wellington development site).

The popup – which in the design elevations looked to me like a Dry Gulch City façade out of a western movie – is actually known as the Prow, a feature at the northern end of the fashion precinct, which will exceed the 6.5m height control at that point by 10.65m along a length of 11m.

Cllr Storer saw it was intended to be eye-catching and presumed the top part of the face would be intended for branding. But she & other councillors also saw it might be a billboard space designed into the façade, much like the Citta apartment building façade. That McLeod Group Ltd development was designed to wear billboards within the structure, but the committee turned that idea down on 8 March.

Architect Richard Harris, of Jasmax, assured Cllr Storer it wasn’t intended to be a billboard space, while Mr Allen explained that the building height dropped from a 30m limit to 6.5m at that point because of Seart. However, council urban designer Joanna Smith & urban design panel chairman Professor John Hunt saw no adverse effects in the taller proposal.

The original consent provided for no work on Sundays but the committee was told pre-Christmas rains had pushed the construction programme back. The changes to consent conditions will allow for work south of Seart 9am-6pm on up to 13 Sundays/year and not on consecutive Sundays.

The developer may also work up to 6 nights to pour the 11,000m² concrete slab for the discount department store at the site’s southern end, but that work can’t be for more than 20 hours at a time.

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13 March 2000: Sylvia Park plans advance


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Council notifies residential 8 plan change for Glen Innes

Published: 20 March 2005

Plan change 61, to introduce residential 8 zones to Glen Innes, was publicly notified by Auckland City Council today.

A similar plan change was introduced for neighbouring Panmure a year ago.

Submissions on the Glen Innes plan change close on Friday 22 April.

Height restrictions are 11m & 3 storeys in the 8A zone around town centres, 14m & 4 storeys in the 8B zone around town centres, and 17m & 5 storeys in the 8C zone, within 2km of the central business district.

Senior council environmental planner David Wong said the plan change sought to rezone residential properties, located generally within a 10-minute walk of the town centre, to residential 8a & 8b, and to rezone residential 5-zoned sites that directly face or are opposite the new residential 8-zoned areas to residential 6a.

The plan change also introduces increased height limits over parts of the former Tamaki Girls’ College site on the corner of Taniwha St & Elstree Ave, and requirements to address flood risk.

“The residential 8 zoning is aimed at encouraging more compact housing development, like apartments, terraced housing & townhouses, near Glen Innes town centre & public transport. The change will help the area meet future population growth and create the kind of higher-density community needed to support public transport services & the viability of the town centre.

“Within the residential 8 zones, residential developments are subject to development controls & urban design criteria to ensure a high standard of building design and integration with the surrounding neighbourhood.”

Mr Wong said the rezoning to residential 6a would provide a buffer area between the more intensive residential 8 zone and the lower-density residential 5.

“The plan change represents another step forward for the Glen Innes into the future strategy, which was adopted in 2004 after extensive community consultation.  It is designed to revitalise the area and accommodate future growth.”

Glen Innes is one of the priority one areas of change in Auckland City’s growth management strategy.  The area’s population is expected to grow by 3000 over the next 20 years.

Projects completed as part of the strategy include the $1.67 Mayfair Place mall redevelopment, the $1.8 upgrade of Glen Innes railway station and the adjoining park & ride.

Earlier stories:

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20 April 2004 (on Panmure): Residential 8 plan change notified this Sunday

29 August 2003: Council votes in residential 8A zone

9 June 2003: Council issues comprehensive report on managing Auckland City growth

18 November 2002: Tamaki campus expansion to benefit Glen Innes & Panmure


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Off-Broadway shops sold on 8.65% yield

Published: 20 March 2005

A private investor has bought 2 Newmarket retail sites, 3C & 3D Short St, for $1.14 million at an 8.65% yield.

The ground-floor units are tenanted by Mantra Food Group Ltd on a new 6-year lease at $98,588/year. The units occupy a total 223m², with a single parking space also included in the lease.

The transaction was completed after the 2 units were passed in at a CB Richard Ellis auction on 9 March. Sales agents, Lee McIntyre & Knox Walmsley (CBRE).

Short St runs between Kingdon St & Davis Crescent, the “rat run” behind the intersection of Khyber Pass Rd & Newmarket Broadway.

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Remuera corner sells at 5.85%

Published: 15 March 2005

A Remuera property was sold at a 5.85% yield last week – after failing to get a bid at auction.

CB Richard Ellis auctioneer & agent Knox Walmsley couldn’t entice a bid at $2.6 million, but immediately after passing the property in he was surrounded by 5 buyers all wanting it.

The post-auction auction took the price up to $3 million, putting the 5.85% yield on it.

The property in question was a 275m² section at 367-369 Remuera Rd, on the corner of Clonbern Rd, with 436m² of retail on it.

The split-level property has walk-on access to Remuera Rd for retail outlets as well as a secondary retail outlet in the basement. Tenants include Sierra Café, Ray White Ltd & Colin Beckwith Optometrist.

Mr Walmsley said the buyer was a private New Zealand investor, and the very firm yield underlined the strength of suburban areas like Remuera.

Website: CB Richard Ellis, Auckland office


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Sheffield proposes St Heliers redevelopment

Published: 8 March 2005

Jurisdiction: Auckland City

Neighbourhood: St Heliers

Applicants: Magellan Investments Ltd (Robin & Winifred Sheffield), 389 Tamaki Drive Partnership

Application detail: 387 & 389 Tamaki Drive, Magellan has applied to demolish a 2-storey commercial building on the corner of Maheke St (387 Tamaki Drive) and replace it with a 3-storey building & basement parking; 389 Tamaki Drive Partnership has applied to do the same thing at No 389.

A combination of councillors & community board members, as commissioners, will hear the 2 separate applications.

Mr Sheffield’s Magellan Orakei began the development of Quay Park on the former Auckland railyards in the 90s.

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Ellerslie liveable community plan starts

Published: 4 March 2005

Work has begun on a liveable community plan process for Ellerslie, with a timeline to finalise it by June 2006.

Senior Auckland City Council environmental planner Dawne Mackay set out the Ellerslie project for the council’s urban strategy & governance committee on Thursday. A report on how locals will be engaged in the “community visioning” phase will go to the committee in April.

Ellerslie slipped up the priority list to become the 7th priority 1 area for which liveable community plans have been developed, in line with a strategy adopted in 2003. The others are the cbd, Glen Innes, Panmure, Newmarket, Avondale & the Lunn Ave quarry being developed by Landco Ltd.

Preliminary discussions have been held in Mt Albert, first of the priority 2 areas. Other areas on that list are Sylvia Park & Otahuhu (2006-07), Pt Chevalier & Remuera (2007-08), Grey Lynn & Onehunga (2008-09).

Ms Mackay said the liveable community programme at Ellerslie could be co-ordinated with upgrading of its railway station, planned for this year, so the town centre & station could be better integrated.

Listed among Elelrslie’s strengths were business growth opportunities.along Great South Rd & a strong business association in the town centre.

Weaknesses included residential intensification already occurring near the town centre – “taking capacity without offering good urban design outcomes” – residential infill reducing land opportunities and parking conflicts in the town centre between residents, retail customers, business communities, train station users, long-term parking & schools.

Ms Mackay said new developments had been very car-orientated, and some in the town centre hadn’t been well integrated into the existing urban framework.

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Nylex crosses line to become Macquarie Goodman’s 2nd Savill Link tenant

Published: 17 February 2005

The Macquarie Goodman Property & Industrial Trusts have signed up their 2nd tenant for the 26.5ha Savill Link Industrial Park on former railway land at Otahuhu.

The new customer, plastics manufacturer Nylex (NZ) Ltd, will move a short distance from Saleyards Rd to take 6675m² of warehouse & office space on a 10-year lease and starting rent of a net $690,000/year. Nylex brands include Nylex, Gardena, Coverit, Esky, Senco, Ajax, Donaghys & Melded Fabrics.

Nylex sold its Saleyards Rd property – on the other side of the main trunk railway line – last November. The move also takes it from Auckland City into Manukau City.

Toll Logistics Group Ltd was Savill Link’s first tenant, deciding in December to base its operations there. Toll signed up for a $14.3 million 18,300m² office & warehouse development plus expansion rights on more than half of Savill Link.The Nylex project will incur $6 million more capex for Savill Link at an 11.5% yield. The $7.9 million total project costs will give an 8.8% yield.

Macquarie Goodman NZ Ltd chief executive John Dakin said securing Nylex as a long-term blue-chip customer demonstrated the momentum being built at Savill Link, which Macquarie Goodman secured last April for the trusts’ co-owned New Zealand portfolio.

The New Zealand-listed Macquarie Goodman Property Trust also announced today that revaluations for its March 2005 balance date had added $9 million – 4% – to the 17-property portfolio, taking it to $239 million.

Mr Dakin said demand for industrial land was at an historical high and vacancy rates were minimal. “These conditions are a result of sound economic fundamentals & strong growth in the manufacturing, logistics & broader industrial business sector,” he said.

Story on Gainz today: Macquarie Goodman gets $9 million revaluation, 2nd Savill Link tenant

Earlier stories (on the Propbd website):

19 December 2004: Toll takes first Savill Link space with plans for its own business park

10 November 2004: Nylex Saleyards Rd property goes for $4.9 million

18 October 2004: Nylex moving out of Saleyards Rd property

13 April 2004: Macquarie Goodman trusts buy Otahuhu workshops for $130 million industry park


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First Ellerslie racecourse zoning change notified

Updated: 7 March 2005

Private plan change 167 was notified on 27 February. Submissions close on Wednesday 30 March.

That plan change covers 2.6578ha beside the Southern Motorway & Avenue of Palms at Ellerslie racecourse. The Auckland Racing Club is also seeking 3 other private plan changes, numbered 168, 169 & 170, to change the zoning on 4 more areas. They’ll be notified later.

The racecourse covers a total 55.8ha.

Original story: First new Ellerslie racecourse plan change heads for notification

Published: 8 February 2005

Jurisdiction: Auckland City

Neighbourhood: Ellerslie

Applicant: Auckland Racing Club

Application: Private plan change 167, to rezone what’s become known as the car fair land, 2.6ha between the Southern Motorway and Ellerslie Racecourse’s Avenue of Palms, from open space 5 to business 8.

Decision: The council’s planning fixtures committee agreed to its public notification but added some riders, asking the club to amend the proposal to retain the Norfolk pines next to the motorway boundary and introduce urban design controls on building placement & appearance.

Application detail: The zone change will allow buildings of 18m & 21m in 2 roughly equal parts of the site and a maximum floor area of about 16,000m². The site is next to the Ibis Hotel, also on former racecourse land.

The car fair site proposal is the first of 5 development proposals around the 56ha racecourse which the club intends to promote in the next 2-4 months. The rest are expected to come in a single proposed plan change, but council planner Sarah Nairn said this one was ready to go.

The racecourse development master plan prepared at the end of 2004 shows the Avenue of Palms being extended and 4 more development proposals on the eastern, Ellerslie side of the course:

The most controversial is likely to be the proposal to rezone a large part of the Hill, between the gallops track & steeplechase course, residential 6B, allowing housing up to 9m on 2.19ha beside Ladies Mile. Access would be through a tunnel under the steeplechase track. The club uses a stormwater pond in the southern portion of that area to maintain its grounds, and the council wants it expanded to cope with stormwater from the whole of the Waiatarua catchment
3.64ha between Morrin St and the steeplechase track, partly used for overflow parking, to be rezoned residential 8A, allowing a height limit of 17m over most of it, 22m over the area nearest the grandstands, maximum density one dwelling:150m²
1.07ha off Morrin St containing the club’s plant nursery, which would be moved to the infield area and replaced by a residential 7A zoning, allowing house sites down to 400m², and
a triangle between the steeplechase track & Ladies Mile, and 2 areas beside the new residential 8A land and the nursery, which would be turned over to standard residential 6A housing.

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Ellerslie college’s redevelopment to be notified

Published: 26 January 2005

Jurisdiction: Auckland City

Neighbourhood: Ellerslie

Applicant: South Pacific College of Natural Therapeutics NZ Inc

Application: 8-12 Arthur St, build purpose-built education facility, including offices & a clinic, for up to 110 students & 20 staff

Decision: Application to be notified

Application detail: The 2793m² site covers 3 properties next to the Ellerslie public carpark & near the Ellerslie commercial centre on Main St. Housing NZ pensioner housing is behind the property.

The college was established in 1980 within the Masonic Lodge. Several buildings will be demolished to make way for the new premises, which would mostly be single-storey. Council planning consultant Jennifer Valentine said the college required consent for an educational facility in the residential 6a zone, an infringement of the maximum intensity level for non-residential people on the site and various other development control infringements.

Although 5 of 9 neighbouring property owners had agreed to the redevelopment, Ms Valentine recommended full notification because adverse effects on the environment would be more than minor and written approval hadn’t been obtained from all potentially affected people.

She said existing buildings were more residential in character, but the redevelopment would have a commercial look. The large number of people would also affect the character of the surrounding residential area.

Planning consultant Simon Yates, for the college, argued for limited notification for the 4 neighbours who hadn’t signed approvals. He said the building would essentially be on the same scale as buildings in the Ellerslie village but it wouldn’t be a commercial building, being a non-profit educational facility.

Mr Yates also said there were no citywide issues warranting full notification.

Cllr Bill Christian supported full notification, saying the Ellerslie Community Committee would like to make a submission. Although Cllr Mulholland favoured limited notification, he supported the vote for full notification.

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